10 Absolutely Essential Christmas Gadgets (On Sale) for Travels & Outdoors

By Soumya Sinha, Gaea News Network
Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas is when you keep all your worries aside and plan a trip outside with your family and/or friends. This is the high time to stress out and that is why you want your travel experience to be as fruitful as possible. So, today, keeping your priority in mind and to make your journey more convenient, I have come with 10 gadgets you will need while travelling. If you have planned the trip and have some dimes to spare, do consider any of these. They can really help you at times.

1. Crank Bros Multi 19 Tool


If your multi-tool comes up short when youre tweaking every nut, bolt, and spoke on your ride, trade up to the Crank Brothers Multi 19.

. The Multi 19 has

  • seven hex wrenches
  • four spoke wrench sizes
  • small and large Phillips and flathead screwdrivers
  • a t 25 Torx driver
  • and a universal chain tool to tackle any task short of building a bike from loose parts.
  • there are also 8 and 10mm open wrenches.

And all of them comes under one small bag.


Best Price:  $25.99  from Backcountry

2. Nightvision Scope

This one is gonna be very useful if you want to make your little adventure of trekking at night

Compact and eminently portable, with 30 hours viewing time from just two small batteries, it’s perfect for field trips or those sticky situations in foreign capitals you’d rather not talk about.

Now, when darkness falls, you can have all the light you need. And still not have your cover blown.


  • Technology: Top-Grade Generation-1
  • Magnification: 3x
  • Objective lens: 50mm
  • Field Of View: 12 degrees
  • Focusing distance: 1.5m (4.9ft) to infinity
  • Viewing distance: 200m (650ft)
  • Operating time: 30 hrs
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Dimensions: Height: 11.0cm Width: 24.7cm Depth: 11.0cm
  • Weight: 0.908Kg
  • Batteries: Energizer Ultraplus - AAA Battery (4 Pack)


£199.99. Buy it from gadgetshop

3. Solar Backpack

This is another adorable companion while you travel. It has a monocyrstalline solar panel on the front. This absorbs the sun’s energy, transferring it into an electrical charge which is stored in a power pack, hidden inside. Attach your hand-held appliance (mobile, digital camera, or MP3 player) to the charger and voila: full power whilst you’re on the move!


  • Power electrical appliances on the go
  • Includes rechargeable battery pack and adaptors for Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson, Siemens mobile phones, plus a mini USb connector.
  • Built-in water-proof sleve and storage pouch
  • Headphones access
  • Capacity: Approximately 15 litres


£29.99 from Gadgetshop

4. SPOT Satellite Personal Messenger

Do you think you need direction and you are too naive for compass? Is it that you need to figure out where exactly you wanna go before you move on to the desert or the jungle? Don’t worry.
The world’s first satellite messenger, SPOT sends your coordinates and messages via commercial satellite to inform others of your location and status. Offers an affordable alternative to personal locator beacons, satellite phones and cell based GPS trackers. Provides virtually full coverage in North America, Europe and Australia. Also covers portions of South America, northern Africa and northeastern Asia, along with thousands of miles of offshore areas.

  • Alert 911 function dispatches emergency responders to your exact location.
  • Help is there to request assistance from friends or family.
  • Check In allows you to transmit your location and that you are okay. Track your progress by sending and saving points along your route to Google Maps™.


$149.95 from REI

5. Mountain Hardwear Windstopper Micro Dome Beanie

When the wind howls so loud you can barely hear your partner back at the belay, pull on the Mountain Hardwear Micro Dome Beanie. This fitted microfleece beanie features a Windstopper liner for windproof protection and stout weather resistance in demanding alpine conditions.


$22.46 from Backcountry

6. Camelbak Rogue 70 Oz Hydration Pack

The Rogue Hydration Pack from CamelBak, providing road bikers with 3 bottles worth of hydration, is the best choice for your next century ride. External reservoir access means refill is easy. Plus, a secure pocket holds the contents of your seat bag.


$ 43.95 from Rockcreek

7.Garmin Edge 705 GPS

The new Garmin Edge 705 GPS / Computer is finally here! The large, full-color display is easy to see, even while moving. With appropriate maps* loaded, it can even provide turn-by-turn directions. Mounts easily to your handlebar stem.

  • Packed with features! Measures speed, distance, time, altitute, heart rate, estimate of calories burned
  • Can display power data from 3rd party ANT+ Sport enabled devices (such as Cinco or SRM)
  • Plug it into the computer and connect to the Garmin online network to share your routes and workouts with others

Available in 3 kits. All include heart rate monitor feature and basic base-map.


$516.60 from Jenson USA

8. Kahtoola MICROspikes Traction System

Kahtoola created the MICROspikes Traction System so you can stay active in the winter under any conditions. This simple system fits easily over any shoe or snow boot without the use of special buckles or straps. Self adjusting spikes provide ultra traction on ice, packed snow, wet rocks, concrete, and loose scree and the dynamic flex chain provides a custom fit. When you need to step inside, these crampons fit conveniently into your pocket.


$ 38.32 from Backcountry

9.Olympus Stylus 1050SW

The 1050 SW is a hardened 10 megapixel model that is waterproof, shockproof and works in cold temperatures. It has a tap control feature to make it easier to use with gloves on. If you want an even more rugged camera, the Olympus 1030 SW is waterproof to 33 feet, can handle being dropped 6.6 feet and can withstand 220 pounds of pressure.


$ 243.43 from amazon.com

10.  Pen Fishing Rod

It is not possible that you are preparing for a trip and you won’t go fishing. So here is the ultimate deal for you.

The Pen Fishing Rod Set is a wonderful outdoor gadget that gives you a good quality telescopic fishing rod which retracts neatly into an 8 inch pen you can carry in your pocket or pop in the glovebox of your car. The ingenious collapsible pen fishing rod is built using a tough yet lightweight aluminium alloy, with seven fibreglass draws that extend into a 1.2 metre (4 ft) sturdy fishing rod.


  • Telescopic fishing rod extends up to 1.2 metres
  • Tough and lightweight aluminium alloy and fibreglass
  • Reversible ratchet perfect for right and left-handed users
  • 25 metre fishing line
  • Line has a breaking strength of 2.5kg
  • Triple hook and spinner included
  • Product dimensions (H)22cm x (L)2cm x (D)4cm
  • Box dimensions (H)27.5cm x (L)12cm x (D)4.5cm
  • Package weight 215g


£24.95 from gizoo.co.uk


These gadgets I mentioned not only serves you almost all the needs you need from travel gadgets but also are on sale now. So I have hand picked them only whose prices are reduced to lowest values ever. Hurry and buy whichever you wish to. Did you like the list? Do you want to add some? Feel free to give us your feedback.
[source of information: ultrarob.com & gadgetshop.com]

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