10 Best Budget Point and Shoot Cameras for 2010

By Chandrajit, Gaea News Network
Friday, August 13, 2010

KOLKATA, INDIA (Gaeatimes.com) — With every passing day, technology is creeping deeper into our lives slowly and steadily. Digital Cameras have been the object of fascination for many of us. So, what provokes everyone having a Digital Camera? Now-a-days Point and Shoot Cameras have gone a lot cheaper. Another reason is the disadvantage that the traditional film cameras offer. Just think of those days when you had to plan, before you were on an outing. You had to buy a few rolls of film, mostly 3 rolls with different ISOs. You had to take the pains of loading them. And yet again, wash them after every shooting session. Yes, people had to spend a lot buying the films, washing and putting them onto albums. Moreover, one creepy shot caused you a few bucks. You also needed a good camera in order to adjust all settings. The hassles were enough to pave the way for modern Digital Cameras to enter into the market. Today, they come with lots and lots of new features along with reasonable price that force anyone to opt for Budget Point and Shoot Cameras. But, the market today, provides too many options to confuse you. So, you need a guidance to buy from the best budget point and shoot cameras. We bring you the options to choose from the 10 Best Budget Point and Shoot Cameras for 2010. We have taken the pains to reveal the unique features of each and every camera. Undoubtedly, companies are not honest enough to admit their faults. Obviously, they will magnify their pros while suppressing the cons. We will give you unbiased reviews of the cameras and rank them accordingly.


1. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W350

The market has been flooded with a lot of Sony Cameras. But, the one that leads them all is DSC W350. It’s a sweet little Wide-Angle Compact Digital Camera. It comes in multiple colors to suit your style. Its very user friendly and robust. And yes, it takes awesome snaps. So, what makes this camera stand out of its counterparts? It’s a true Point and Shoot. Just point on your subject, shoot and Voila!!! A great snap is ready to be shared. Its auto adjustment features have done all the rest.


Weight: 3.5 oz

Resolution: 14.1 Megapixels

Digital Zoom: 2X

Pros: Lot of Additional Features

Cons: Only 2X Zoom as compared to others that provide at least 3X

Price: $169

2. Kodak Easyshare Z915

Some people want to try their hands at better photography. This camera is for them. It’s a compact camera but with a prosumer tendency. It comes with some manual controls and a longer lens that give some people a SLR feeling, although its far far away from an SLR. With a zoom of 10X this camera is handy for outdoor telephoto shots.


Weight: 7.8 oz

Resolution: 10 MP

Zoom: 10X

Pros: High Zoom

Cons: Noise and Image Stability, a all time problem from Kodak

Price: $169

3. Canon Powershot SD1200 IS

Its a sleek piece that fits into your back pocket. The image quality is not that high, but yes, its standard. After all, you are paying only $130 for this stuff. With a resolution of 10 Megapixels, this camera comes with a standard zoom of 4x. Amazingly, this camera provides a whopping ISO sensitivity of 3200. It’s just unbelievable! Well, we agree that pictures at 3200 have more noise than image data, but still it’s favorable in the most adverse conditions.


Weight: 4.2 oz

Resolution: 10 MP

Optical Zoom: 4X

Pros: Sleek and Lightweight

Cons: High Noise at High ISO

Price: $130

4. Fujifilm FinePix JZ300

Fujifilms cameras were the leaders a few years ago. They have entered into every digital section but they could not leave a mark there, except the Compact Digital Market. The Finepix JZ300 comes at a good price of $155. It also offers a good zoom. But, sadly enough it’s pictures do not live upto the mark. They are definitely not standard.


Weight: 5.2 oz

Resolution: 12.1 MP

Zoom: 12x

Pros: High Zoom, Built in Lens Shield

Cons: Poor Image Quality

Price: $169

5. Canon PowerShot SD 780 IS

Sleeker Cameras have reached their zeniths. It’s another one from the sleek lineup that fits in your pocket or purse. It’s an ultra compact camera that comes at a nice price of $145.95. 12.1 MP is high enough for any compact camera. With a powerful flash, the SD 780 rocks the night time party shots.


Weight: 4.1 oz

Resolution: 12.1 MP

Optical Zoom: 4x

Pros: High resolution

Price: $145

6. Nikon Coolpix S570

It’s not an SLR market. So, Nikon slightly lags behind the others Point and shoot makers. Of course, a Camera list cannot be completed without a Nikon. It’s a ultra compact camera that gives a brilliant point and shoot performance. It has a high ISO. At a price of $149 its a nice Camera to choose. If you are a Nikon fan, which most people are and if you have a choice for a brand, i guess choosing a Nikon would be the best for you.


Weight: 4.2 oz

Resolution: 12 MP

Zoom: 12 x

Price: $149

7. Canon Powershot A3100 IS

Its a simple point and shoot camera. It comes with a standard 4X optical zoom and it’s hassle free. Even your granny could use it without any instructions. No maintenance, nothing. Just keep it charged. It’s always ready when you are.


Weight: 5.5 oz

Resolution: 12.1 MP

Zoom: 4x

Pros: Extremely user friendly

Cons: Forget about manual controls.

Price: $139

8. Canon Powershot SX 120 IS

The SX 120 comes at a higher price as compared to others. It’s in the market only because of its photo quality. But if we consider other features, it will surely not match the market standard. It’s priced at around $199. Truely speaking, when we talk about Canon, this camera fails to keep its brotherhood simply because a Canon should be in the competition in every phase.


Weight: 8.6 oz

Resolution: 10 MP

Zoom: 10x

Price: $199

9. Casio Exilim EX-S5

Unexpectedly, out of nowhere a Casio has come into the top 10 list. A Casio is least respected by most people when it comes to cameras. But, this time Casio has proved its mettle. In terms of quality and price, Casio has beaten some good cameras, which expected a seat within the Top 10 Best Budget Point and Shoot Cameras. It’s available at a whopping price of 99$ only. What’s more? It’s cheaper than some of your basic needs.


Resolution: 10.1 MP

Zoom: 3X

Pros: Cheap and Slim

Cons: Image Quality

Price: $99

10. Canon Powershot A1100 IS

The exclamation is always “That’s a great shot!!!” Apart from a few performance quibbles, the A1100 provides a great point and shoot experience. The result is always, great pictures.


Weight: 5.5 oz

Resolution: 12.1 MP

Zoom: 4X

Price: $125

I hope you have got a good idea about the best budget point and shoot cameras. Try to be within the most popular brands when you opt for your new camera. It’ll be an added advantage as always. What’s more? Just walk into a store and get the one that suits you.

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