10 Best Point and Shoot Cameras for 2010

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Friday, January 22, 2010

digitalcamerasDSLR Cameras may be the choice of any real photographer but the sales of point-and-shoot cameras show that there are more wannabe photographers than the actual photographers who just want to capture some of the memorable incidents of their life. The point-and-shoot models are easy to use and we can easily take great photos using them with minimum effort. With these type of cameras, you can just point the camera towards the object you want to shoot and leave the rest of the settings automatically configured to best for that situation. This is perhaps the main reason of their popularity apart from the fact that they are obviously the cheaper option for a digital camera than the DSLRs.

1. FujiFilm FinePix F200 EXR



This is one of the best point-and-shoot camera available in the market today. This ultra compact camera has a nice 5X Optical Zoom lens and a superb CCD EXR sensor which can produce top of the notch dynamic range with its technology. The only problem with this pricey camera is that the video quality of the camera is not up to the mark.

2. Panasonic Lumix DMC ZS3


Do you want high quality 10.1 MP photos, 12X Optical Zoom Lens and HD Video capability from the same device? Then here is our take from the house of Panasonic. This is a very powerful camera within a ultracompact size and has a dozen of preset shooting programs to take pictures in different situations.

3. Canon Powershot SX200 IS


This is the competitor of the Lumix ZS from Canon. You can create full HD movies at 1920 X 1080 pixels having 30 frames per second. The camera has a 12X Optical Zoom Lens and takes fantastic photos with automatically adjusted exposure, flash and white balance etc.

4. Panasonic Lumix DMC FS6


This is also a very good camera from Panasonic. The camera is very easy to use and takes fantastic pictures and also looks cool with its neat layout.

5. Sony Cybershot DSC W290

We normally do not like the Sony Digital Cameras because you can get a camera with same quality at a lesser price from Canon or Nikon. But this shooter from Sony is really a capable device and also comes at a reasonable price. It has a nice 12.1 MP Sensor and a Carl Zeiss 5X Optical Zoom Lens. There are also loads of features and special effects like twilight portrait, gourmet, radial blur apart from the common fireworks or beach mode.

6. Samsung ES55


This camera is very good for the beginners having solid build quality and great picture quality. The functions are all menu based and the compact size camera has all the latest features and modes you can expect from it.

7. Canon PowerShot SD940 IS


If space is really a problem for you and you always wanted a camera that would fit in your bookpocket, here is your camera. While this camera looks small, it has no nonsense features and specifications. The 12MP camera has a 2.7 inch LCD display and a 4X optical zoom lens. This lightweight camera can also record videos at 720p resolution.

8. Nikon Coolpix L20

This is a camera for the average Joe and at a price of less than $100, buyers on budget will just love the L20. It has a 3.6X Optical Zoom Lens and a 10 MP sensor but doesn’t have any manual control which is quite obvious for a device with this price tag.

9. Canon IXUS 95 IS


The camera has a very good build quality and bright LCD but doesn’t have any standard viewfinder. It’s great resolution at an affordable price makes it a good choice at its price range.

10. Samsung WB550


This camera features a ultra wide angle lens packed with several features and good quality video. Though it has some problems with dynamic range and long exposure noise, the price of the camera is a real bargain.

Conclusion : Most of the cameras listed above were launched in 2009 or even before. Though Digital Cameras fall in a section of gadgets which are moving forward at an alarmingly fast rate in the field of technology but the basics of the camera like lens or sensor quality do not move forward that fast. So a year old camera model may not have the latest smile detection with blink proof technology, but they can surely snap good pictures. Moreover, the old models are available at a price at least $50 least than the list price.

What are you waiting for! Go grab one and get snapping!

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