10 Best Pump-Action Shotguns in 2010

By Turjo, Gaea News Network
Thursday, August 5, 2010


Shotgun aka Scattergun is one of the most lethal close-range combat weapon designed to be fired from the shoulders. It uses the energy of a fixed shell to fire a number of small spherical pellets called shots, or a solid projectile called a slug. The shotguns were and still are used for hunting, since multiple projectiles increase the chances to hit the target with one shot. But shotguns are also being used in combat in almost all wars since their introduction.


Shotguns come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 5.5 mm (.22 inch) to 5 cm (2 inch). And according to firearm operating mechanisms, it has various categories including breech loading, single-barreled, double barreled or Combination gun, pump-action, bolt and lever-action, semi-automatic, and even fully-automatic variants.

Main advantage of shotguns is their versatility and short-range firepower. Shotguns can fire multiple projectiles of various sizes, creating a lethal pattern, which will increase chances of hitting target; It may also fire single large projectile, powerful enough to drop down a large brown bear, or incapacitate a human being protected in all but the heaviest body armor. The gun can also fire some special ammunition, such as rubber slugs or door buster slugs. These are useful for riot control and other police operations.

The disadvantages of the combat shotguns are the limited effective range of fire (about 50-70 meters with standard buckshot, up to 100-150 meters with specially designed subcaliber or fleschette loadings). Shotguns also are sometimes relatively large (especially when compared to modern sub-machine guns), and can have a heavy recoil with the most powerful loadings. The size and weight of the shotgun ammunition effectively limits both the magazine capacity and the amount of ammunition a soldier can carry in the mission.

Why should anyone buy a shotgun, when there are plenty of other modern weapons available? Here are a few reasons

  • Because its cool. We have seen many Hollywood heroes in their leather jackets, carrying a pump action shotgun as a sign of mascularity. Why not go for a role playing as the newest action hero with the latest shotgun in hand? This is a fairly weak reason , but I don’t think it can be ignored. This may be one of the most overlooked factors in shotgun ownership. Please don’t buy a gun to try to make yourself feel big. it won’t work. And when you try to show off making an attempt to inflate your flaccid ego, things could turn deadly in half a heartbeat. Buy a trendy car if you just want to look cool. Then buy a shotgun if you want to defend yourself against car thieves.
  • Some of us have grown up seeing the old double barreled Winchester shotgun hanging in a wall alongside several trophies in our house. A family legacy of gun ownership is often a factor in determining whether one will become a shotgun owner. Infact, many of us got our first airguns as gifts from parents.
  • Some shotgun owners may own guns simply so that they can take part in social shooting activities, such as sporting clays, cowboy action shooting, and the like. Because, of it’s easy availability, people opt for it more than other guns.
  • Self-defense is by and far the most valid, and universal, reason for anyone to own a gun. Human beings possess a strong sense of self-preservation. A shotgun is best tool one can have in hand to counter a threat to one’s life and/or the lives of one’s family members. Shotgun is considered to be one of the most deadliest weapon in close quarter combats. Instead of putting a hole into your target’s body like a bullet of a rifle, shotgun shots or slugs simply blows away the target into several pieces! This makes it more scary and a formidable weapon for self defense.

We have prepared a list of top 10 shotguns of various categories on the basis of functionality and performance. Have a look at it and find out which suits your need the best.

1. Winchester 1300 Speed Pump shotguns (USA)

winchesterPic Source :world.guns.ru

The Winchester 1300 shotgun was first introduced in around 1981, when the US Repeating Arms Company (USRAC) took over production of the ‘Winchester’ brand guns from the Olin / Winchester corporation. The Winchester 1300 shotguns are also known as the ‘Speed pump’, because of the very fast-cycling pump action, which makes these guns popular among both hunters and sport shooters. These shotguns also works well for home defense and security applications, especially with availability of relatively short-barreled models with long magazines.

Type: Pump action shotgun
Gauge: 12;Chamber 76mm / 3″
Weight: 3.06 kg / 6.7 lbs to 3.18 kg / 7 lbs
Length: 1003 mm / 39.5″ to 1245 mm / 49″
Barrel length: 457 mm / 18″ to 711 mm / 28″
Capacity: 4, 5 or 7 rounds

2. Ithaca model 37 (USA)

ithaca-37Pic Source :world.guns.ru

The Ithaca model 37 shotgun is one of the oldest pump action shotguns still in production. It was introduced in the 1937, and was based on the design patented by John M. Browning in 1915 and improved by Harry Howland of Ithaca Gun Co. in 1931. Current production of model 37 “Homeland Security” is intended for civilian self-defense use, and also can be used as a police weapon. A more compact version was developed especially for police use and is known as Model 37 “Stakeout”. This gun features a shorter barrel and a pistol grip instead of more common butt. Model 37 was widely used by various police departments and security units in the USA, and still popular enough. Model 37 shotguns usually are equipped with simple bead sights and wooden furniture.

Type: manually operated, pump-action
Gauge: 12
Chamber: 76 mm (3 inch)
Length: 1003 mm
Barrel length: 470 mm (18 1/2 inch)
Weight: 3.06 kg empty
Capacity: 4 rounds in underbarrel tube magazine

3. Remington 870 shotgun (USA)

remington-870Pic Source :world.guns.ru

Remington 870 “Wingmaster” shotgun was introduced by Remington in 1950, and since then became one of the most popular USA-made pump action all-purpose shotguns. Starting off as a versatile hunting shotgun, Remington 870 has now become a very popular as police/security shotgun. Remington 870MCS is used as an “Auxiliary weapon”, mounted under the M4-A1 carbine, to form so called Masterkey system


Type: pump-action
Gauge: 12
Length: varies with model
Barrel length: 355 mm (14 in.), 457 mm (18 in.)
Weight 3-3.5 kg
Capacity: up to 7 or 8 rounds in underbarrel tube magazine

4. Mossberg model 590 shotgun (USA)

mossberg-590Pic Source :world.guns.ru

Mossberg 590 was developed by O.F.Mossberg & sons company (USA) in the mid-1970s as a “military specifications” (adopted for US Military) modification of the Mossberg model 500 shotgun. Since 1987, this shotgun is a standard equipment of US Armed forces. While it was officially replaced in US Army with Benelli M1014 semi-automatic shotgun, Mossberg 590 shotguns are still widely used by US Navy and US Marine Corps.

Type: Pump action shotgun

Gauge: 12; 3″ / 76 mm chamber

Barrel length: 500 mm / 20″ or 450 mm / 18″ is most common. others available.

Magazine: underbarrel tube magazine, 8 rounds

5. KS-23 riot shotgun / carbine (Russia)

ks-23Pic Source :world.guns.ru

The story of this unusual weapon began in 1970s, when Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs began the search for an effective anti-riot weapon, to be used during disturbances in prisons. Basic weapon was designed by TSNII TochMash (central Scientific Research Institute for Precision Machine Machine building, a key Soviet / Russian developer of special-purpose small arms) and produced in small batches at Tula Arms factory. It was adopted by Soviet Militia (Police) and other MVD troops by mid-1980s, along with a wide range of specialized ammunition. At the present time KS-23 is used by Russian law enforcement forces as anti-riot weapon. It also saw some use in certain ex-Soviet republics which are now independent states. The standard range of ammunition for KS-23 includes following rounds:
23mm blank Grenade launching cartridge, 23mm Barricade Car Stopping cartridge, 23mm Volna-R rubber bullet cartridge, 23mm Cheremukha-7M Tear gas cartridge, 23mm Siren-7 Tear gas grenade loaded with CS agents, 23mm Zvezda Flash bang grenade round, 36mm Cheremukha-6 tear gas round, 82mm Cheremukha-12 Tear gas grenade and Sharpnel-10/Sharpnel-25 “letha” buckshot round.


Gauge: 4 / 23 mm (rifled barrel)

Length: 904 mm / 35,6″

Barrel length: n/a

Weight: 3,8 kg / 8,4 lbs

Capacity: 3 rounds in under barrel tube magazine

6. NORINCO / Hawk Industries Type 97-1 pump shotgun / Anti-riot gun (PR China)

hawkPic Source :world.guns.ru

Chinese company Hawk Industries produces a line of pump-action shotguns for hunting and security / police purposes. Civilian and certain security-type models of Hawk line-up with tubular magazines are sold outside of mainland China under variety of names, often exported through the NORINCO corporation.

Type : pump-action shotgun

Gauge : 12; chamber 76 mm / 3″

Length : 840 mm / 33″

Weight : 3.2 kg / 7 lbs

Magazine : 5 rounds in removable box magazine

7. Franchi SPAS-15 (Italy)


Pic Source :world.guns.ru

The Franchi SPAS 15 shotgun is a further development of the earlier SPAS-12 shotgun. SPAS-15 is intended as a law enforcement or a military weapon, which requires reliability, versatility and firepower. The versatility is achieved by complementing the semi-automatic action with manually selectable pump action, which allows to fire low pressure ammunition, such as less lethal tear gas or rubber slug projectiles. SPAS-15 feature a set of open, rifle type adjustable sights, and could be equipped with various additional sighting devices, such as red dot sights or laser pointers. The SPAS-15 is a high quality, reliable and versatile arm, and it is being used by various law enforcement and military agencies, including some units of Italian army.

Type: Selective semi-auto (Gas operated, rotating bolt) or manual pump action

Gauge: 12

Chamber: 70mm (2 1/2″).

Barrel length: 450 mm

Overall length: 1000 mm (750mm with butt folded)

Weight: 3.9 kg empty

Magazine: 6 rounds detachable box

8. FORT-500 shotgun (Ukraine)


Pic Source :world.guns.ru

The FORT-500 shotgun was designed by Scientific and Production organization Fort (NPO Fort) during late 1990s as a police / security weapon, and is in limited production and use by several Ukrainian police and security organisations. It is also offered for civilian sales in Ukraine in hunting configuration. It is not known if Fort 500 shotguns were ever exported in any numbers.

Type: pump-action shotgun
Gauge: 12; chamber 76 mm / 3″
Length: 1015 mm / 40″ (755 mm / 29.7″ with folding butt folded)
Barrel length: 510 mm / 20″
Weight : 3.8 kg / 8.4 lbs
Capacity: 4 or 6 rounds in underbarrel tube magazine

9. Hatsan Escort AimGuard / MarineGuard shotgun (Turkey)


Pic Source :world.guns.ru

Aimguard and Marineguard pump action shotguns are manufactured in Turkey by company Hatsan Arms. Hatsan shotguns are known for affordable prices, yet provide practical and strong design along with good reliability. The Aimguard line of shotguns was designed especially for home defense, security and police duties in mind.

Type: pump-action shotgun

Gauge: 12; 3″ / 76mm chamber (also available in 20 gauge)

Length: 1000 mm / 48″ (with 50 cm / 20″ barrel and fixed butt)

Barrel length: 45 cm / 18″ or 50 cm / 20″

Weight: ~ 3.0 kg / 6.6 lbs

Capacity: 5 (for 18″-barreled guns) or 7 (for 20″-barreled guns) rounds in underbarrel tube magazine

10. Benelli Nova shotgun (Italy)

beneli-novaPic Source :world.guns.ru

The Nova shotgun is the latest development in the pump shotguns from famous Italian company Benelli Armi. It has been developed in the late 1990s and incorporates the latest in firearms design. Nova tactical / Special Purpose shotgun is built to use most powerful 3 and 3 1/2 inch magnum shotshells yet to be reliable, light and comfortable to operate. The gun has a weather-resistant finish on all metallic parts, and the stock is already weather-resistant, Nova tactical is well suited as a carry / patrol gun for those who walks on their own feets. It also makes the Nova an excellent hunting gun with proper barrel installed.


Gauge: 12

Chamber: 3 1/2 inch (89 mm)

Length: 1025 mm (with 470 mm barrel)

Barrel length: 470 mm (18.5 inch) or 500 mm (20 inch)

Weight: 3.05 kg empty, with 470mm barrel

Capacity: 4 3-inch rounds in underbarrel tube magazine (6 3-inch rounds with extended magazine)

Feel free to share your views with us. In the meantime, to know more about the shotguns, have fun reading our article

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