10 Important Points you might miss before buying a laptop

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Monday, September 14, 2009

laptopThere are some points you would inevitably look for before buying a laptop such as its portability, display size, Processor, RAM, HDD, graphics capability or even warranty issues or wireless connectivity. But we always miss some important aspects before purchasing a laptop unless you are one of those eagle eyed consumers. Here are some points that we generally miss before buying a laptop but they can be crucially important in some situations. You must read this if you already know the general things that you should consider before buying a notebook, netbook or a gaming laptop.

1. Is the keyboard backlit?


Backlit keyboard means there is a lighting system under the keyboard which can be very helpful to see they keys in dark. The lighting can turn itself on sensing the ambient lighting or you can manually turn it on whenever you feel appropriate. This is a must have feature if you need to use your laptop in poor lighting condition very frequently.

2. Display : Glossy or Matte?

There are two types of display one is glossy type and one with anti-glare matte finish. The glossy displays offer better color and contrasts but they can be a headache under strong lighting with their screen glare. Matte displays have no problem with glare and they do also generally have a better viewing angle than the glossy ones. I prefer matte displays over the glossy ones for their better usability.

3. Hot or cool?

Look for reviews from trusted sites who publish information about heating of a notebook. An overheated laptop is the worst gadget to operate. We specially have bad experiences with laptops powered by AMD processors like the HP tx 2500z. Look for a laptop that would stay relatively cool even in stressed situations.

4. Is there a Numeric Keyboard?

If you are buying a full size notebook of greater than 13 inch display, you should also ensure that it has the numeric keyboard. It is very essential for those who have to type a lot of numbers for their computational needs.

5. Is there a dedicated scrolling space beside the trackpad?

Dedicated scrolling areas are very useful while viewing those long webpages. While most of the laptops today feature this, there are many manufacturers who silently omit this essential feature.

6. Is the battery removable?

If you need to use your laptop away from the power outlet for a long time you may need a larger six to nine cell battery but if that still does not meet your needs, you may need to carry a separate charged battery. And to do this your battery should be removable type without opening the case. While most of the laptops offer this there are some laptops like MacBook Air which does not have this facility. Check it out before buying.

7. How much is CPU’s FSB speed and cache memory?

A processor with higher clock speed is not only the key factor to better performance. A processor with higher Front Side Bus speed can communicate faster with the RAM and is essential for faster overall performance. Also a processor with cache memory of 2MB or larger will perform better than the processors with lesser cache.

8. How the USB ports are arranged?

I know you have checked how many USB ports a laptop has or is there any eSATA or HDMI port or not but perhaps you have not noticed how the ports are arranged. There are two types of arrangements for USB Ports : one is side by by side or horizontally and another is one over another or vertical arrangement. For practical applications I found that in vertical arrangements, you might have trouble plugging two USB devices at the same time one over another if one of them is thick enough. Look for horizontally arranged USB Ports. You’ll have no problem connecting multiple devices to them.

9. HDD Rotation Speed : 5400rpm or 7200rpm?

HDDs are generally available in two common speeds of 5400 rpm and 7200 rpm. The 5400 rpm drives are slower, cooler and eats lesser power but if you need performance you should look for laptops that employ 7200 rpm HDDs.

10. Is there a pointing stick/track pointer?

Most modern laptops come with a pointing stick now and they are becoming more and more popular everyday. Though they are not easily controllable right from the start but after using it for a few weeks you can use it conveniently.


Cool Bibek
August 30, 2010: 4:53 am

whats the price of HP G60 model in international market???

July 25, 2010: 11:42 pm

I want to buy a laptop for buusiness work , information .

April 15, 2010: 10:28 pm

Which is best core 2 duo laptop under 33000?

October 18, 2009: 2:50 am

is Hp 550 a good and recomended laptop to buy?

Sarin Iyer
September 16, 2009: 5:45 am

Hey quite an informative article. I really like the specifications. I bought an Acer Timeline 4810T a month ago and its really doing well.The good thing about Acer is that they give us the choice of selecting features, which we require and not thrown at us and that too, at affordable price. I think, where Acer scores over other laptops is more value for money.

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