10 Most Beautiful Mobile Phones of All Time

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Thursday, November 26, 2009

beautiful-mobile-phoneMobile Phones or Cell Phones are a marvel of their own. Apart from the technology, they also incorporate some beauty of their own design. There are many beautiful mobile phones in the world and there are some models which have some design elements that makes them rise above the rest. Let’s take a look at these beauties. Hope you’ll enjoy them as I enjoyed putting them together. I haven’t ranked them in any particular order because Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you may find anyone in this list the best mobile phone you have ever seen.

Le Million Cell Phone



This model really really really looks gooorgeeeous! It also got the top place in our list of top 10 Luxurious Mobile Phones. The phone is really an example of Swiss craftsmanship and precision. It is present in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most expensive mobile phone in the world.

Black Diamond

The phone has a subtle but elegant design essence that anyone would like. This is also a luxury phone made out of titanium and real diamonds.

GoldVish Euroset

This mobile phone is made of 18K gold and comes in 4 different shades of gold namely white, gold, yellow and pink. The phone is decorated with most precious diamonds.

Coral BenQ Siemens Music Phone

It’s curvy edgy, slender form factor with an excellent glossy slider offsetting a vibrant keypad would catch anyone’s eye. Created by Sasha Tseng, it is a phone for those who want fashionable accessories in every aspect of their life.

Nokia 8800 Limited King Arthur Edition
king arthur
This is a beautiful mobile phone which is also available in the market. This variation of the Nokia 8800 is the most beautiful of all.

KDDI Penck

This stunning phone is designed by Makato Saito and is one of the most beautiful mobile phones I’ve ever seen. It is available in three colors of Metal, Milk White and Bitter Black.

Egg Phone

The elegant and sensuous curves of the phone are simply gorgeous. The phone really calls our fingers to touch it to use its beautifully minimal interface and fully functional media player.

KDDI InfoBar


This is a simple bar phone style design but with its large squarish buttons on grid and flush to a curved surface, it attains a unique look of its own.

Motorola Nest

This is a concept phone from Motorola designed by Kelly Bremer inspired by feminine jewelry. This is a stylish and feature packed phone targeted to the women in their 50s.

KDDI Talby


The phone has a very arbitrary design and somehow it gives me a feeling of a toy phone. The phone gets a place in the most beautiful mobile phones of all time because of the uniqueness of its design.


August 23, 2010: 3:26 am

micromax Q55 is just awesome it twinkles

April 8, 2010: 6:49 am

That Nokia 8800 is not Limited King Arthur Edition becouse the phone top image is a Armenian national image .

shahid khan
December 25, 2009: 4:50 pm

just notify me for new beautiful phones…

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