10 Most Beautiful Peripherals for your Computer

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Monday, April 6, 2009

beautifulIt is hard to define and evaluate beauty. What seems to be the most beautiful to one, may not be so to someone else. In our quest to find the most beautiful computer peripherals we came across several accessories that have unique looks and design of their own. We have selected the best looking models from our sense of beauty. Check out the list and verify if these peripherals are worth a praise.

1. Microsoft Arc Mouse



These mice are built upon the designs of oriental pottery. I can’t help falling in love with classy beauty of these mice. They can add great value to the look of your computer.


2. Logitech Di Novo Edge Keyboard


This keyboard is a shear beauty with its utmost glamourous looks and appeal.

3. Athens Multi-Screen Monitor


This five-screen bluetooth monitor is simply awesome. You have to look at the monitor even when it is turned off. Yes! it can also produce stunning pictures with a resolution of 19200 X 2400 pixels with 16.7 million colors. You can also get a 2 to 4 monitor setup which are dubbed as Gemini, Cinerama, and Grand Canyon, respectively.


4. mbl 101 X-treme Speakers


Besides delivering exceptional sound quality this speaker system really has a look to die for. The engineers and crafts people employed carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, acrylic, and wood to create this massive four-tower speaker system.This unit is a sculptural device that benefits for classic Germany attention to detail, and obsession with perfection.


5. Computer Case (AR - a)


Most of the unique looking computer cases are of retro type. But this computer case is surely a marvel among the modern designer computer cases.


6. LaCie Golden Disk


Yes! this is an external hard disk. Besides storing your 500 GB of information this can be a piece of envy when you put this thing on your table top. The uneven molten gold like surface is the main eye catcher of this product.


7. Vanity PC Desktop


This retro make and glossy wood finish computer desk has a classy look to suit your drawing room. It hides your computer and all of its wires and cables in an elegant piece of furniture. This is the best looking desktop as far I have seen.


8. USB 2.0 lovely doll web camera

2169Isn’t this a cute web camera? It can take pictures at a resolution of 1.3 MP through its high resolution sensor. What’s more, it comes at a cheap price of $16 so that you wouldn’t be wasting a lump sum of money to decorate your computer a good looking webcam.


9. Wireless Headphone with FM Radio


This good looking wireless headphone has a built in FM radio. You can also use it with VCD, DVD or MP3 players.


10. Thermaltake V1 CPU Cooler


Don’t you also think that this CPU cooler should be placed in the art galleries instead of fitting it inside the computer. Yes it has really won the red dot award for product design. If you think that the design is only about being beautiful - you’re wrong. This design is built for optimum cooling at a low noise.


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