10 Most Unique USB/Flash Drives Ever Made

By Avik, Gaea News Network
Monday, December 6, 2010

These are the tiny tools that pop out of your pocket and help you out with emergency data transfers. Universal Serial Bus (USB) Flash drives have evolved over the ages and now pose as the most popular in terms portable storage solution. These are removable and re-writable and are designed to fit in your pocket like it never existed. Which was once just a handful of 64Mb is now potential enough to store a maximum of 256Gb. Now, what is interesting is that the Flash drives we are featuring you not just store data for you but adds an unique flavor to your persona.


1. Canon USB Flash Drive

conon usb

What may look like another Canon DSLR Camera is but an USB Flash drive wonderfully designed and mastered. This is a miniature of the highly sought after Canon 5D Mark II. Its storage capacity is 4Gb and it costs around $95.

2. Rocky USB Flash Drive

creative usb

Now, who loves Rocky? Well, here is your chance to get hold of your very own miniature and guess what instead of just fighting he will store data and protect it for you. Rocky USB Flash drives come with 2Gb and 4Gb storage and costs $30 approximately.

3. F1 Flash Drives


Fascinated with speed? Like F1 Race Cars? This is your take then. This all-metal model F1 race car comes with an incredible 16GB of flash memory! It will cost you around $49.

4. Lego USB

Lego needs no introduction. If you want to feel a bit nostalgic about those childhood days or may be fill up your life with vibrant colours, try this one. It comes along with 2Gb storage space and is available at a price around $55.

5. Memory Pill USB

memory pill usb

This one’s more of a collector’s tool. Unpredictable, truly a work of innovation. This stores just 64Mb so many may not love it, but the style sure counts. It is priced at around $19.

6. I am a Key Flash Drive


The name speaks all. Give it a look and you’ll say for yourself that it sure does resemble a key. What’s more, storage capacity of 8Gb at a price of $30 is worth it all.

7. Ravage Transformer USB

unique usb

Transformers? I am sure you have seen it. Now, take a look at this, a tiny beast in your pocket. Sounds nice and it really is. The Ravage Transformers USB Flash Drive comes with 2GB worth of storage. The price is set somewhere around $43.

8. Hacked USB

hacked usb

This one has become old now. Yet it comes as a unique retro USB nevertheless. Infact, when it was launched I guess back in 2008 it came with 2Gb storage priced at $50. Now, though people claim they can manufacture a replica at no more than $15.

9. Nailed USB

nailed usb flash drive

If you hate your pc for some reason, nail it. But, you can’t, you bought it yourself. Now, if given a second thought, this unique nail shaped USB will give you the look and feel that you have nailed your pc. This one also is a 2008 release and for 2Gb storage charges you $30.

10. Spoon USB Flash Drive

spoon usb

The most unique of all, looks like you’re spoon feeding your pc. This one you can make all by yourself just look at the picture and you will realize how. Moreover you have the liberty to choose your own storage capacity here.


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