10 Reasons why Apple MacBook Air is the laptop only fools should buy

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, August 11, 2009

apple-macbook-airApple MacBook Air has nothing revolutionary in its technology that can be called re-inventing the wheel. The performance of the device is also nothing extraordinary to be awarded a prize. It is a light laptop but not exactly the lightest in the world. It is a thin laptop but it doesn’t add to any practical usability for shoving off those extra few millimeters. It isn’t a cheap or value-for-money laptop that one would buy with his eyes closed. It is actually for the Apple fanatics who die for it for reasons unknown. Here are 10 more reasons why  we think the Apple MacBook Air doesn’t deserve much acclaim to be polite and sucks to be accurate.

1. Price : Way too much


There is no question about it. Everyone will agree to me that the Macbook air is really way too much expensive than its competitors. You can get the same hardware at 20% lesser price than MBA (I mean MacBook Air). Most Probably, you’ll get much more at a much less price. You can get a Dell XPS M1330 configured with faster and more than double capacity the hard disk of Air, a faster CPU, nifty graphics card and operating system that will run most of the games. I admit that it is a pound heavier than MacBook Air but I can bear it for its faster performance and lower price tags.

2. No Optical Drive : You CD/DVD Collection is useless

We have gone past the floppy era and we don’t want a floppy drive anywhere anymore but where is the Optical drive? It doesn’t even come with a CD Drive making all my documents, music, videos left unusable on this device unless you prefer to carry a separate external drive always with you. If you need to install anything on the go, and you forgot to take the external drive you’re left for nothing.


3. Meager Storage : Enough for nothing

You can configure the system with a 120GB 4200 rpm SATA Drive or a 128GB Solid State Drive. Both options are way below the standard capacities of hard disk sizes keeping in mind its price. 250GB hard disk has now become the lowest standard for a laptop of this price range. However, if you were thinking that you would listen to some cool music on your MacBook Air after storing them on the HDD, please don’t do that because that will be the day you’ll start hating your MacBook Air after listening to Mono Audio from its crappy speakers.

4. Connectivity : Thank you Apple for giving us the USB Port (At least!)

Apple has decided to equip Air with a single USB port whereas even a handheld UMPC have two more. We have no complain to Apple rather we want to thank them for giving us the privilege to at least use the USB Port to connect an external DVD Drive to read some DVDs, an external HDD to increase some storage, connect a memory card reader to read photos from the card of your digital camera, an external mouse for better convenience — but only one at a time. Puhleez!

Also Apple with its infinite wisdom has decided that there is no need for an Ethernet Port, there is no need for wired connection you can do everything with wireless connection (Yes! the WiFi is inbuilt - oh! Apple is so generous!)


5. Mobile Broadband : What is that?

Ultraportable laptops are meant for the business people on the move. And they need to stay connected to the internet from everywhere they go. But Apple don’t think that 3G HSDPA connection is all that you need to connect to internet from everywhere and all other ultraportable laptop manufacturers are fools to integrate mobile broadband into a laptop.

6. Battery : Go to Apple to replace one

I carry a spare wheel with my car. When my car goes flat I replace them with the spare wheel. I carry a spare battery with my laptop. When my laptop battery goes flat I replace them with my spare battery. But forget this simple thing with Apple. Touch their battery and you’ll  breach their warranty protocols! Can we talk of sanity please?


7. Ultraportable : Is it actually?

Apple promotes this product as an ultraportable laptop that you can carry with you wherever you go. But it’s full size 13.3 inch screen and not-so-light minimum weight of 1.36 kgs fail to qualify itself comfortably in the ultraportable category. There are many other laptops like Sony VAIO or Toshiba Portege Series which are really portable especially the pocketable Sony VAIO Laptops.

8. Heat Dissipation : Feels like a hot pan when stressed

The all aluminum design of the MacBook Air acts like a gigantic heatsink. Apple is not going to give you the warning but I think I should. If you use the laptop for some CPU exhasutive works such as gaming (with the laptop placed on your bare legs) you may risk a burn on your skin. OK. you might argue that you didn’t buy your MacBook Air for gaming but you may as well put yourself into that situation when you are compressing some music or encoding a video.


9. Battery Charging : Slower than the slowest charging speeds

Again another point standing as a barrier for its use as an ultraportable laptop. It doesn’t come with a spare battery so forget about swapping the battery when you run out of battery while traveling. Now fortunately you find a charging plug and after a full hour of charging when it is switched off, it will charge up to only 25-30% whereas any other laptop would gain at least 50% charge if not much higher.

10. It is shocking! Literally yes

I am not talking about the mental shock that you’ll get after you buy your favorite Apple MacBook Air but I am talking about the electric shock that you can get while you are operating the system. The whole body of Macbook Air is build by metal and it uses a ungrounded power supply to make it even more thinner. So, there is a high risk of electric shock if anything goes wrong.


The laptop is only popular because Apple sells it and it has a nice slim look. However, its slimness and lightweight is only due to the fact that there is nothing within it - no optical drive, no spacious hard drive, no mobile broadband and almost no ports. You can get a Sony VAIO with an optical drive weighing 100grams less than Air or get a Toshiba Portege Laptop weighing one-third of the MacBook Air. If you want a thin laptop you can find many without compromising on the specs. Don’t ever buy this abacus of a laptop if you can live without its good looks. Buy Wind instead of Air, it will save you at least $1000. (I mean MSI Wind instead of MacBook Air!)


November 30, 2010: 1:12 pm

Everything this guy posted is true!!!
I can’t play more than 2 videos online cause it gets really hot! I get constant electric shocks! it’s so slow and stupid that i wanna go and hit steve jobs over the head with it. used to own a sony vaio. had it for 3 years.
it worked great. if i could, i’d sue apple. just my opinion.

October 23, 2010: 1:23 pm

I bought a MacBook three years ago. I’ve gone through three cheap Windows laptops since then that have fallen apart for one reason or another. My Apple laptop just keeps on trucking. No problems whatsoever making it the cheaper of the two options.

September 28, 2010: 3:54 pm

apple mac book = the biggest crap created (:

July 30, 2010: 6:48 am

after 10 years of using microsoft product and filling up peoples mind with tons of bullshit about apple, I finally purchased a MacBook Air last week by my self!!! none of my friend could believe that I did such a thing… but I at least learnt that I was totally wrong about apple for last 10 years. I am sorry for my self… apple prices are a bit high, but it worths every cents you pay for it….

November 11, 2009: 7:01 pm

Well, MacBookAir is only built for a very select set of people who are used to doing only a select few things. Consider it as something more than what your iPhone can do ;).

Two things about the article:
1. Very bad language, tons of grammatical errors - all of which makes it reading very annoying.
2. If you want get a fully functional laptop, buy a MackBook or a Pro.
3. Your very first point about price too high - Not valid. It is priced so much because of the ‘ingredients’ it has. I agree they have skimped too much from a regular laptop. But the whole idea is that it is not a regular laptop. Its like comparing an italian hatchback with a japanese sedan. Makes no sense.

August 12, 2009: 10:33 am

I myself didn’t get into the MacBook craze either. Mainly because it’s very expensive.
But according to others, it is actually good for photographers. Well, I can’t confirm that… I just based that fact from all the forums that I read about photography.

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