10 tips to take better photos from your mobile phone

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Saturday, July 4, 2009

camera-phone-photosEvery modern phone these days has a camera built onto them and shooting with them is more of a fun than serious photography unless you have those camera dedicated phones like Samsung Pixon or Sony Ericsson Satio. We use the camera phones for casual, candid and lifestyle scenes as we know that we are not going to get great quality pictures from them. This might be a result of lower camera quality but often they are the result of poor photographic technique. Here are 10 tips that will help you improve your camera phone picture quality.

1. Keep it Steady


This is one of the basics of the photography and is also true for taking pictures with your camera phone. A slight jerk of your hand while shooting will ruin your pictures with severe blurriness. This is especially true when shooting in low light with the night mode on because the camera selects longer shutter speeds to compensate the lack of light.

2. Don’t Zoom - Get Close to Your Subject

Always try to fill up your viewfinder with the subject - but beware - don’t zoom in to do that. Zooming means digital zooming in camera phones which actually crops the image to fill the viewfinder degrading the quality of the images. Rather getting close to the subject yields better quality pictures.

3. Use the camera at Highest Setting

Some phones allow you to select the resolution or image quality for the photos you capture. Always use the highest possible resolution as most of the cameras have resolution of less than a few megapixels. Taking pictures at high resolution means you’ll get the maximum details and also you can print them in larger sizes.


4. Light your subject

The better the subjects are lit the better pictures you’ll get. This is why outside pictures are generally more clear than the indoor pictures. When shooting indoors turn on all the lights. If you have a built in flash in your camera don’t hesitate to use them. But keep in mind that generally those flashes have a low range of 6-8 feet. So, don’t expect them to light the distant backgrounds.

5. Edit Images Later

There might be several inbuilt image effects like Black & White, Sepia, negative etc. in your camera which produces interesting pictures but I advise you to take color images at high resolution. You can always add those effects later in your computer. You can always make it black and white on your computer, but you can’t make it color if you take it in Black and White mode.


6. Click It and Don’t Hesitate to Get Some Extra Shot

This might seem a bit crazy idea but trust me and don’t hesitate to click it - it is digital photography, my friend. Click fast to get the natural expression of the subject and they’ll look less ‘frozen’. And you can also try some snapping when the subject doesn’t know that their expressions are being captured. It is the best way to capture children, when they’re just playing and being themselves. Also shoot a lot because by this way you’ll improve your chances for capturing that great shot.


7. Follow rules of Composition

In our article on digital camera for dummies, we have listed several factors to improve your photography techniques. Follow those rules and also remember that great shots are taken when you break all of those rules. So, experiment with your camera to take that great picture.

8. Don’t delete the mistakes

Many photos may not look good on your phone’s small screen. The real quality of the pictures are reflected only when you transfer them to your computer and see them in big screen. So, what you think is not a great photo may come alive on a quality monitor.


9. Experiment with White Balance

Almost all camera phones have this setting in it. Experiment with different white balance settings to get innovative color balance in your images. Different camera phones have different settings for it. Take a lot of pictures to get accustomed to what your picture will become in a particular white balance mode.

10. Keep the camera lens clean

Take good care of your camera and remember to clean the lens of your camera with a soft cloth. You phone spends a lot of time in pockets and other places, , so acquisition of dirt or fingerprint is a common thing. Clear them to get clear pictures.

Does these tips help you to shoot good pictures? Let us know.



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