15 Most Promising Gadgets from CES 2009

By parthodeep, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Curtains are down for the gadget-gala CES 2009. It’s time for reviews. 3D for Home theater, Flat panel TVs, Touchscreen netbooks LED backlight TVs queued up, as if for a ramp walk. With each product highlighting its personality, tech and trend were having a full blown affair. Ogling at the sea of gizmos like any other geek would be, I got carried off, I admit. Least I had to pick 15 top ones, though not too satisfied for ineluctable compromises.

1. Palm Pre


Real Smart-phone with curvy structure and enviable design. Equipped with web OS, it won’t let you worry about  tracking multiple calendars, contacts and messaging applications. The touchscreen model offers slide-out QWERTY keyboard, GPS, 3MP camera, 8GB internal memory, gesture area, and Wifi.

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2. SONY’S Pocket Laptop

You can ask why I keep with Sony’s Vaio P Series. Not to convince you, actually its a far more mellowed piece offering seamless portability. Just 8 inches of display with light-emitting diode backlight for lively colors. More, the configuration took me.  2GB of RAM and a 60GB hard drive with Intel Atom incorporated in the miniature piece.

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3. LG-GD910 3G HSDPA Wrist Phone

Latest in the line of LG watch phone concept. It’s world’s first 3G touchscreen watch phone. The 1.43 inch dial offers a video camera which allows Video confrencing as well as video capture.

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4. HD MINI Video Camera

Launched months ago, its World’s smallest video recorder. This miniature model features a 4GB of memory and up to 60 minutes of recording time. Further you have a newly built-in FlipShare software that allows easy saving.

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5. Sharp 82 inch LCD HDTV LC-82MX1U

Size is what makes this Sharp High-definition TV an ace. Enhanced with Fine Motion Enhanced technology, the LCD TV offers smooth, flowing motion in fast-action scenes on a monster display . That’s possible with 120Hz Frame Rate Conversion and a fast pixel response time of 4ms. It’s all meant for huge living rooms.

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6. HP Firebird

Viola! Probably the gama machine of your dream. Launched by gaming supercomputer  specialist VoodooPC, it’s all about immaculate engineering. Its fantabulous features includes 2.83GHz Intel Core 2 Quad, 4GBs of RAM, two 2.5in 320GB hard drives, a slot loading Blu-ray drive, Bluetooth and Draft-N Wi-Fi. For a simulating gaming experience it offers a dual 512MB nVidia 9800S graphics cards and Creative Labs X-Fi sound.

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7. Samsung MBP200 Pico Projector

With a rugged grandeur in shape and design and 2.2-inch QVGA LCD screen, its a piece to watch, no plastic. The touchpad on the right side favors easy navigation. There could be a more portable projector than Samsung MBP200 for a complete video experience.

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8. Samgsung Blu-Ray Player

Straightaway you’d have picked it for its coolest looks. Its the thinnest Blu-ray player ever born.  BD-P4600 supports Internet interactive BD Live and Bonus View. For movie streaming and Pandora’s Internet Radio add a USB dongle. Just mount it on the wall.

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9. Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

Allow me to introduce you to a computer inside a writing stylus to generate a pen with voice recorder. So you can record the voice while you jot down the notes. It comes with a special Dot Paper not just to write but play your piano. You can also watch videos.  Don’t blame me its not a grand new launch in CES.  I placed it not because I used it, the smartpen truly deserves the rank.

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10. WowWee Spyball

Perfect tool for espionage. A spycam that can roll down the house and allow you to monitor the events remotely via Internet. Its equipped with wheels for quicker and smoother movement as well as 360-degree turns. It captures video and still images in disguise.

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12. Pogoplug

This one was out of sorts among the stylish Gadgets. What coerced to grab it was it impressively egg-headed features. It’s a new phenomenon that turns any USB hard drive into web storage device. You can access any external hard drive from any computer anytime, anywhere.

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13. Swiss Army Knife

A product by the famous Swiss Army knife makers, Victorinox. It presents some upscale features that takes you by surprise. The laser pointer to assist your presentation, Bluetooth to play tracks on your mobile as well as a USB memory stick with integrated fingerprint reader for full proof security.

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14. Eye-Fi Youtube Card

Simply mind blowing use of wifi for Youtube buffs. This up and coming Eye-Fi card can directly upload videos to Youtube. The reason I picked it was that the products was highly applauded by the CES audience.

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15. Lenovo IdeaCentre A600

Not quite exceptional. But it deserves a mention amongst PCs. Sleek and glossy black exterior with sweeping base looks Great. It’s an all-in-one PC with looks to envy the HP TouchSmart and Apple iMac. But what caught my eye was the outstanding 4-in-1 remote control. You can use it as an ‘air mouse’ or accelerometer-based control. It works as a media remote or even as a Skype handset for making VOIP calls. Really Smart thinking.

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So even if you didn’t make it to CES 2009, I guess you don’t have any regrets now. How did you like this article? Tell us. We will be waiting for all you gadgetophilics.


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