Giving out gifts during the festive season is one of the best things to do in your life. But when it comes to our ex-girlfriend or ex-wife things do tend to get a little messy! No one is fond of giving gifts to the person who had made his/her life hell for the last few years. May it be your worst enemy or your past girlfriend/wife, your mind gets hay-wired whenever you think of them and their misdeeds. But this Christmas, I am going to help you return the favor. We don't need to be violent or ruthless. We just need to be smart! I have selected 10 different gadgets you may want to gift to your enemy/ex-wife/ex-girlfriend to insult or embarrass him/her in front of public. All the gadgets are easily available, but you must be timid enough to use them according to the situation. Check the gadgets carefully and find out which one suits your need the best. It's payback time!!!
NEW YORK - The United States Air Force has transformed almost 2,000 Japanese Sony PlayStation consoles into a powerful supercomputer suitable for military tasks. he new device will handle tasks, including artificial intelligence research, The Telegraph reports.
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