3 Jack O Lantern Techniques for Halloween 2010 with Gadgets

By Soumitra Mondal, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween is the magical time of year when we dress up in goofy clothes and eat candy until we’re sick. This is also the time to build a Jack O Lantern that can be dramatically different than others. Here are some techniques for Jack O Lantern with gadgets.


Cylon Jack-O-Lantern

The design consists of two parts, a pumpkin-carving part and an electronics part. It runs on a 9V battery and uses two cheap integrated circuits (a 555 and 4017) that together control six LEDs (or six groups of LEDs). Circuits like this are quick, easy, and cheap to build. At first the pumpkin has to be carved with some carving and garnishing tools like hobby knife, scissors, and precise tweezers according to the shape drawn on its bark. The scanning Cylons eye is the one to be inserted in this pumpkin which makes it glow.

Electronics- This circuit is based around the CD4017 decimal counter chip. This is a chip that counts the cycles of a clock signal which is input to one of its pins. It counts from 0 to 9, sequentially turning on the outputs labeled #0 through #9 as it counts, and then it starts over. The outputs #0 through #5 are to light up our six LEDs in order, and then the output values #6 through #9 to light up the LEDs in the reverse order.

Snap O’Lantern

This is an unusual lantern with glowing eyes and can make anyone wander about it. The little pumpkin has sharp, pointy teeth with LED eyes that glows in the night, and a hinge that allows its mouth to open which is controlled by the attached servo motor and snap shut. This robotic pumpkin is complete with creepy, slow movements. Though scary but this is also cute at the same time.

Metal Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Pen Drive

This is made up of metallic Exterior and Compact Design supporting the USB 2.0 standard and offer high-speed data transmission. It is easy-to-use without power supply with inbuilt flash electronic storage medium with more than one million times rewriting. Data can be encrypted on this antimagnetic, shockproof, dampproof, heat and cold resistant package for whole disk or partition and it is capable of making USB HDD/ZIP startup disk.

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