35 Top Gadgets to Seal the Deal for You in 2009

By Soumya Sinha, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Every year sees hundreds and thousands of new gadgets being launched. Some become successful, some bite the dust. Some remain for ages and some for just. It rhymes, lol. But anyway, 2009 will also not be an exception. So which gadgets to look for this year? Which gagdets have the maximum potential to help you with or who are the ones who have the most remarkable design? To answer all your queries, we have brought a package for you. We have chosen 1. 2. 35 gadgets which will mark this year. While some are the hottest of their categories, the others have plain and simple but effective charm to lure you. There are some who will be playing with concepts never before and some who will just attract you with their noble venture to be as environment friendly as possible. It was not easy for us to collect all the information and make a list of hottest new gadgets, must buy gadgets, best concept gadgets and best green gadgets. But we did it, for you. So enjoy the new year with this biiiig list. Happy new year and all the best to all ya gadgetophilics.

1. Top 10 Gadgets for 2008- 2009


This category is for the gadgets which have been tried and tested. The best of the bests which were launched at the closing end of 2008 and immediately caught eyes with their workability, design and effectiveness. This is a perfect list for those who don’t wanna experiment but want to avail of the best new product. So here you are,

  1. Asus Eee Netbook PC 900
  2. Apple iPod Touch 32GB
  3. 500GB Rugged Hard Disk
  4. Blu-Ray Disc Player - True HD (Samsung BD-P1500)
  5. Bose SoundDock Portable Digital Music System
  6. Sharp’s HDTV AQUOS LC-65XS1U-S
  7. i-SOBOT Humanoid Robot
  8. The Tarantula Gaming Keyboard (Razer)
  9. Apple MacBook Pro 17-inch Laptop
  10. Super.Fi - Earphones - 5 Pro (Ultimate Ears)

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2. Top 10 Hottest gadgets for 2009

This is just the newest form of the previous article. This category is dedicated to gadgets which are gonna make an impact on the lives of gadget lovers because they have promises. The advanced technology combined with finest designs make them gadgets to watch out for. Especially geeks who can’t wait to get their hands on the best and newest gadget that is launched, then this is the list for you.

  1. Hot Mobile Phone: Asus P552w PDA phone
  2. Hot Mobile Phone: Nokia N97 Series Touch
  3. Hot PC: Napkin PC
  4. Hot TV: Sharp’s AQUOS LC-52DX1-B
  5. Hot Cam: 3D Webcam
  6. Hot Green Car: BMW mini-E
  7. Hot eco-Ride - Vectrix Electric Superbike
  8. Hot Technology: 3D Mapping
  9. Hot TV Entertainment: TIVO
  10. Hot Gaming Entertainment: Nintendo DS 2009

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3. Top 10 Concept Gadgets for 2009

Are you still looking for more. Do you want to reach that extra inch where geeks and gadgets start thinking like a scientist? Where a gadget becomes a concept of future? Then this is the list for you. 10 concept gadgets for 2009 talks about some outstanding projects which you could have never imagine. But believe me. If you wanna see what happens in the future, this is the place to be.

  1. SNS Project Inkwell Spark Concept
  2. Z-Car Project : City Car Concept by Zaha Hadid
  3. Ammonoq Submersible Boat
  4. Impressa J5 - Automatic Coffee and Espresso Machine
  5. Green Technology Tower with Wind Turbines
  6. The portable idea creator and recorder
  7. Eco Car Electric Hyperion
  8. Twinned MP3 Player
  9. Artificial Heart
  10. THE BEST: Portable Helicopter!!

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4. Top 5 Green Gadgets for 2009

Let’s start this new year with green gadgets. Let us make a small resolution that, we will use greener and environment friendly gadgets as much as possible. Considering that effort, I have come here to help you with 5 wonderful gadgets which you can buy for your family or gift your friends for the new year. They won’t charge you an extra penny but in return, they will help nature in your form. Survival of the most co-operative will take the cake here.

  1. Green TV: Vizio’s new 32-inch EcoHD LCD TV
  2. Green Peripheral: External Bamboo HDD
  3. Green Torch: Mini Eco Bike Torch
  4. Green Laptop: U6V Bamboo from Asus
  5. Green Clock: Bedol Water Powered Clock

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So as we come at an end to this article, I hope we have covered a wide ground in order to take you as close to gadgets of 2009 as possible. Give us your feedback as in how we can improve and how you wanna see this place. Here is wishing again a happy new year to all of you.

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