3D Digital CATV Set-top box launched by Panasonic

By Jayita, Gaea News Network
Saturday, January 29, 2011

catvSuddenly the cold and boring market of CATV market is geared up! Yes, that’s exactly the thing Panasonic has done today by introducing three new 3D Blu-Ray BDXL burners capable CATVs Set-top box: TZ-BDT910M, TZ-BDT910F and TZ-BDT910P.

Friends dont get much excited with this announcement since these CATVs are just regular Blu-Ray BDXL Burners. They accommodate 500GB of Internal memory and are compatible in any CATV environment either home or anywhere else.

With these CATVs you can record your show on a 128GB BDXL disc once in a while or enjoy a 3D movie. Another interesting feature that I found in these models, these 3D CATV Set-top box are DLNA compatible and WiFi capable via Panasonic’s USB WiFi dongle DY-WL10. They allow you to access to VOD services as well as online services like YouTube.

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