Acer Aspire Revo 3610: A Haven For The Users With Space Crunch

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, December 16, 2009

acer_aspirerevo_r3610u9012_01_dh_fx57Portable and small form factor computers have got a new lease of life after the arrival and popularity of the netbooks and net-tops. These are ideal for the users who need a second computer that can supplement their existing workstations. Acer has a range of netbooks and small for factor computers that are ideal for the users who are short on space. The Acer Aspire Revo R3610 is a compact PC that uses very little desktop place and is ideal for basic computing tasks and web browsing. However, the Revo R3610 is a little more powerful than conventional net-tops as it features a newer Atom Dual Core CPU and Nvidia Ion GPU instead of the under-powered Intel GMA integrated solutions.

Though it does not have an optical drive, you can watch HD content on it without any hiccup. Those who hate the clutter of wires around them would be pleased to known that Acer offers a neat wireless a mouse and keyboard combo with the Revo R3610. However, the buyers need to buy the monitor on their own. The model has a sparking dark blue exterior with glossy white edges. A stand is provided with the model which can be used to place it in a vertical position on your desk. It can also be attached to a VESA compliant display by means of a mounting kit, which is an optional accessory.


In spite of its miniature size, the Revo R 3610 has a number of ports. Apart from the USB ports on its side and front the model has HDMI and Video port along with a Gigabit Ethernet slot. The microphone and headphone ports are located on its right side. Those who need to transfer a lot of data regularly will benefit from its integrated eSATA port which offers fast data transfer. The multimedia buffs will like the multi format memory card readers. The net-top comes with 2GB RAM and can accommodate a total of 4GB. However, it does not offer many options for future upgrade owing to its small form factor.

The keyboard and mouse have a glossy white finish. The keyboard is quite responsive and the users who need to work with long documents and send a lot of emails will like its tactile feedback. However, there is not any separate number pad on the keyboard. The Revo R3610 also comes with a couple of small USB speakers that are amazingly loud.

On storage front it suffers in comparisons with other models in the market. Its 160 GB hard disk seems a compromise as most of the entry level systems offer a minimum of 250 GB storage these days. The Revo R3610 is sold with Windows 7 64 bit edition and the bundled software set is also pretty useful. It includes MS Works 8.5 full version, Nero essentials, back-up software and some Acer utilities.The Revo can cope up with media related tasks but its performance is not as fast as that of mainstream Intel or AMD based CPUs. It also scores well in energy efficiency. When fully functional it requires less than 30 watts of power.


June 6, 2010: 1:15 am

Hello guys @ girls !
I bought the Acer Aspire Revo 3610 with 4 GB of ram 2 weeks ago, and was lucky to return it back quickly as I managed.
It is a SLOWLY PC ! ! ! really week one. I couldn’t enjoy the simplest tasks, such as web surfing or opening a video. It had difficulties leaf through a PDF file.
Be aware ! This PC may be cheap, but also has cheap capabilities ! ! !

cheap computers
December 18, 2009: 1:57 pm

It will work great for what it is intended for. It came with Windows Xp Home. I didn’t want all the little Lite software that comes with it already installed.

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