Alienware M11X Features, Specification and Price

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Friday, January 8, 2010

Los Angeles ( - Apart from the tablet PCs like HP Slate, there were some more things at the CES 2010 drawing attention of many. One of them is surely the Alienware M11X from Dell. If you ask me, I’ve never been a fan of the Alienware as they were heavy like a pack of bricks. They call the Alienware M17X, a laptop but it is not suitable for your lap by any means with its weight of over six kilograms. However, there is no doubt about their performance or gaming capability anyway which was their primary selling point.


Keeping the performance of the device at almost the same level, Dell has increased its battery life, reduced the weight and most important of all, the price defining a whole new category of laptops, the ultraportable gaming laptops. The battery life of the device is speculated to be around six hours if you use it in ‘Battery Mode’ by saving power through switching to integrated graphics. If you want to play games, you can switch to dedicated Nvidia graphics without logging off or rebooting but it would mean that you will get around two hours of battery life if you plan for some intense gaming. The device will come with both VGA and HDMI for Display out from the device.

The device is expected to be available this spring at a price of less than $1,000 which may be interesting to note for many of us.

October 14, 2010: 8:53 am

i want to know the xact price of alienware m11x. bcz here it’s nt clearly mentioned $ the dollar price is only kindly who know the price in india mail me.thankyou

August 25, 2010: 9:13 am

I am not a big “style guy” when it comes to PCs, but the M11x is a head turner at the coffee shop. The LED lighting system gives the owner numerous color options, and the LED keyboard lights mean that gaming in the dark is not a problem and, in fact, encouraged.

January 29, 2010: 7:22 pm

Best netbook EVER! I can’t wait until this thing is released…

Are you guys going to review it? Until then, here’s some full specs:

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