Asus Eee PC T91 Review

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, July 29, 2009

asus-eee-pc-t911The Asus Eee PC lineup is the pioneer of the netbook category of laptops with small size screens, low capacity, lightweight and meager price tags. The Asus Eee PC T91 is a netbook of that genre but boasts nice touchscreen which can also be swiveled upto 180 and can be converted to a mini tablet which also come with a netbook-like price tag under $500. Can T91 eat into the market of standard tablet PCs which are priced nearly double of that of T91? We have made a review to find the answer. Let’s discuss it step by step.



The chassis design is thin and light weighing just 2 pounds and only one inch thick. The lithium polymer battery really helped to make it slim. Though the body is made mostly of plastic, the quality of the plastic seems very good and sturdy with minimal flex under pressure. The hinges are one of the main attraction of this device. Unlike cheap quality hinges which are loose and unable to hold the screen in tilted position, the hinges of T91 produced very good tension. The swivel action of the screen is also very good and you can completely fold it down to make it a compact touchscreen tablet computer.


The display is nice and bright 8.9 inch LED backlit LCD with standard netbook resolution of 1024X600 pixels. The glossy screen offers good color and contrast but the glare is a problem with this kind of screen under strong lighting or sunlight. Vertical viewing angle is average  and horizontal viewing angle is more workable. This might be because of the touchscreen layer used in the display. The accuracy of the touchscreen is also good and there are calibration option if there are any problem with the selection on the screen. There is a stylus pen provided which feels small though it can be expanded for use.

Keyboard and TouchPad

The keys are slightly larger than the recent Eee PCs but nowhere near the standard keybords. But that is reasonable as it uses a smaller 8.9 inches display. The touchpad size was good and the brush metal finish gives smooth movement and good sensitivity. The buttons are placed below the touchpad and has a rocker style design which I personally don’t like. Sometimes I pressed the middle of the buttons intending to press left or right mouse buttons. The feedback of the buttons was also not very good.

Processor, RAM and Storage

The system comes with a slower 1.33 GHz Intel Atom Z520 processor instead of using more standard 1.6 GHz Intel atom N270 processor. The slower clock speed means more slower performance than average netbooks which are already not very fast. However the difference is not quite noticeable in real world. The 1GB DDR II RAM and Intel GMA 950 integrated graphics comfortably handles a DVD quality movie or a powerpoint presentation but not more than that. We were also disappointed with the storage capacities. The system comes with a 16GB SSD which is only enough for installing the OS and some program files with some of your important documents. Asus also has provided a separate slot for 16GB SD Card if you want to store a movie or two in it with some of your favorite songs.


On the front side there is a Media Card reader and a pen stylus silo. On the back there is a security slot and a VGA Out. The power jack, one USB port, media card reader storage expansion slot is on the left side and a headphone jack, microphone jack, an USB Port and an Ethernet port is on the right side. While the port selection will be satisfying to most users, I would have liked another USB Port slot t go with.


The audio quality produced by the speakers are very good especially for a netbook like this. While it didn’t have any bass as expected, but it had quite good midrange and high tone output. The loudness of the speakers are also very good though they are placed at the bottom and there is also no noticeable distortion even at high volumes.


The system comes with a compact 3 cell Lithium polymer battery in place of a more standard Lithium Battery which makes it light and thin. The system runs for about 4 hours in normal light usage and expect it to run 3 hours with heavy usage which is quite impressive for a 3 cell battery but there is no other high capacity battery option available from Asus. So, if you are satisfied or not you have to go with the battery that comes with the system.


  • Tablet PC at a very low price
  • Light and Portable
  • Build quality better that average
  • Battery life is satisfactory
  • Nice Touchscreen capabilities


  • CPU performance  below average
  • SSD Drive capacity very low to go with
  • Small 8.9 inch display
  • No high capacity battery option
  • Stylus Pen is not handy



The Asus Eee PC T91 is another revolutionary product from Asus that created its own class of budget priced tablet PCs. Even its closest competitors come at a price of double to the T91’s price. At first, the specs might not seem very suitable but if you are in search of a tablet PC within your budget this might be the only option for you. If are going to use this as your primary computer, it’ll be a bad choice but if are going to use use this as a cheap secondary computer that you’ll carry with you everywhere and take notes, mail people with it to stay connected, this is an absolute choice.

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