Average age of adult video game player is 35: US study

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

LONDON - The average age of an adult video gamer has been found to be 35, which is higher than previously believed, reveals a new US study.


According to a team from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), players were also less healthy, fatter, and more depressed than those who stayed away from the device.

A previous UK survey, conducted by the Leisure Software Publishers Association seven years ago, had placed the average age of the player’s age between 25 and 34, reports the BBC.

But it also said that the age bar was gradually increasing, a finding reinforced by the CDC study.

CDC experts found that female gamers reported greater depression and lower health status than female non-players, while male video-game players reported a higher BMI and a greater reliance online than non-gamers.

Dr James B Weaver said: “Health risk factors, specifically a higher BMI and a larger number of poor mental-health days, differentiated adult video game players from non-gamers.

“Video game players also reported lower extraversion, consistent with research on adolescents that linked video-game playing to a sedentary lifestyle and overweight status.” (ANI)

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Michael Kopetchni
November 5, 2010: 12:18 am

I call BS as well, for one I agree with Barbara’s statement. Now to voice my own, I am 31 years of age I have been gaming since the early age of 5 so yeah I grew up with video games, I play video games to escape the issues I face in a real world setting and so far all these years it has done nothing but help me through both my depression and anxiety to some extent. I understand there will always be an exception to the rule but honestly. I am neither fat nor depressed from video games, I eat a healthy diet of food and in fact most of my fellow gamers I know on a personal level do as well so that point is moot. In fact even without video games people get fat from eating unhealthy if they really played games that enticed them the last thing you would want to do is reach for the potato chips or some other unhealthy food. This is a stigma as always to place the blame on something else outside of where the blame should truly fall. On ourselves, we choose to be unhealthy or healthy just like we choose to stay depressed and give up finding remedies on our own outside of pills. Blame society as a whole not a electronic device that is just a cop out!

August 19, 2009: 2:54 am

What a silly study! Who isn’t fat and depressed these days? As we watch our lives ruined by Wall Street…

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