Best 10 Mobile Phone Within Rs. 8,000 in India

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Saturday, November 7, 2009

The mobile phone market is always abuzz in India with new and newer mobile phones launching everyday. The prices of the mobile phones are getting slashed each day by the manufacturers to stay in competition with others. We have already written articles about the top camera mobile phones under Rs. 5,000 in India and about the top touchscreen mobile phones under Rs. 10,000 in India. Here we will tell you about the best 10 mobile phones that you can get under Rs. 8,000. The mobile phones are arranged in descending order of their price have a look.

1. LG Cookie KP500


This is a great touchscreen phone which is now available at a very attractive price. The phone is totally a value for money at its price range.

  • Display : 3.0 inches, 240 X 400 pixels, 256 K colors
  • Camera : 3.15 MP
  • Memory : Upto 16GB micro SD supported
  • Battery : 900 mAh Li-Ion Battery


About Rs. 8,000
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2. Sony Ericsson C510

Sony C Series stands for great cameras from the cybershot series. And when they are available for under Rs. 8,000, there is no reason why we shouldn’t go for it.

  • Display : 240 X 320 Pixels, 2.2 inches, 256 K colors
  • Camera : 3.15 MP autofocus, LED Flash
  • Memory : Memory Stick Micro Supported Upto 8GB
  • Battery : Li Ion Battery with 10 h talktime


About Rs. 7,900

3. Nokia 3600 Slide

If you ever wanted a slided mobile phone with every feature packed right into it, this is the right phone for you.

  • Display : 2.0 inches, 240 X 320 pixels, 16M Colors
  • Camera : 3.15 MP Autofocus, LED Flash
  • Memory : micro SD card supported upto 8GB
  • Battery : Standard Li Ion Battery 860 mAh


About Rs. 7,800

4. Samsung S5230 Star

This phone is Samsung’s answer to LG Cookie and is priced under the LG Cookie with almost same features as the Cookie.

  • Display : 3.0 inches, 240 X 400 pixels, 256 K colors
  • Camera : 3.15 MP, Smile Detection
  • Memory : micro SD card supported up to 8GB
  • Battery : Li Ion Battery 1000 mAh


About Rs. 7,600
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5. Nokia 5310 Xpress Music

This is a nice and slim handset from Nokia Xpress Music Series with great output sound both from the stereo speakers and headphone.

  • Display : 2.1 inches, 240 X 320 pixels, 16M colors
  • Camera : 2MP
  • Memory : micro SD card Supported up to 8GB.
  • Battery : Li Ion 860 mAh battery


About Rs. 7,500

6. Motorola ZN300

This is a newly launched handset from Motorola with a unique sliding design and full range of features. It also comes with a 3.5 mm headphone port.

  • Display : 240 X 320 pixels, 256 K colors
  • Camera : 3.15 MP
  • Memory : micro SD Card 16GB
  • Battery : Li Ion 940 mAh


About Rs. 7,400
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7. Nokia 6303 Classic

This is a nice phone and comes with a decent 3.15 MP autofocus camera which is the main selling point of this phone in this price range.

  • Display : 2.2 inches 240 X 320 pixels, 16 M colors
  • Camera : 3.15 MP autofocus
  • Memory : Up to 4 GB micro SD card supported, 1GB included
  • Battery : 1050 mAh Li Ion battery


About Rs. 6,000

8. Nokia 5130 Xpress Music

This mobile has dedicated music keys and also the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack to connect your favorite headphones to it.

  • Display : 2.0 inches, 240 X 320 Pixels, 256 K colors
  • Camera : 2 MP
  • Memory : Up to 16 GB, 1GB included
  • Battery : Li Ion battery 1020 mAh capacity


About Rs. 5,000

9. Sony Ericsson W205

The W Series of Sony Ericsson stands for Walkman Series which are popular for their music capability. This slider phone is also no exception.

  • Display : 128 X 160 pixels, 1.8 inches
  • Camera : 1.3 MP
  • Memory : Memory Stick Micro Up to 2GB
  • Battery : Standard Li Ion Battery


About Rs. 4,600

10. Nokia 7210 Supernova

This is a slim phone with all the necessary features that a common man would need.

  • Display : 240 X 320 Pixels, 2.0 inches, 256 K colors
  • Camera : 2 MP
  • Memory : micro SD card up to 2GB supported
  • Battery : Li Ion 860 mAh


About Rs. 4,500

Note : the prices mentioned here may not be the actual prices but they are close to the actual prices and are mentioned here only for comparison with the other phones.


January 27, 2011: 1:21 am

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January 15, 2011: 1:57 pm

i need a mobile with all loaded features and a good durability period.
a good camere and good 3g connectivity.
prize under 10000

prashant mayank
January 7, 2011: 1:27 pm

i want nokia phone which having 5mp flash light camera,music,good quality uptell 8000

January 5, 2011: 2:46 am

I want purchage nokia Mobile with widows and java supporting system within 8000 plz email
features and code of mobile on my email!

Amit Dube
December 31, 2010: 6:07 am

i want blackberry within 7000 rupees with all fasility

December 30, 2010: 1:53 am

i want to purchase classic phone 8000 rs ,pls send me advice in my mail id.

December 19, 2010: 7:13 am

i want nokia phone which having 5mp flash light camera,music,good quality uptell 8000

December 17, 2010: 2:32 am

could you please giv me an advce , in wanna buy a touch screen nokia phone for t rage of 7000 8000 or 9000

kla kla
December 13, 2010: 7:06 am

nokia 5310 or 5130

December 5, 2010: 2:00 am


December 4, 2010: 2:23 am

I want 3G mobile phone with maximum features in price range of Rs 7000/- to Rs 8000/-

December 3, 2010: 6:07 am

i want a cell with touch screen,3g,5mp camera and best one in the range of 7000 to 9000 rply me soon

December 2, 2010: 7:22 am

sir i need amobile ranging from 6000 to 8000 . cheap & best and good at looking ; excellent features

November 29, 2010: 7:31 am

sahi mobile ka dam diya karo?kya puchte he or kya dete ho

November 27, 2010: 12:44 am

nokia set with in the range of Rs. 8000/- with best feasures including 3g facility. give details to select the right mobile.

November 26, 2010: 4:22 am

Sir, I want to buy a cell phone which should be enrich with latest 3g technology with office and pdf package, Gps and Map facility, minmum 3.5 mp camera, wi-fi, bluetooth, expandable memory and good music player. That cell must be full qwerty handset. Please suggest me between Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry with picture and additional price and features. please give me the picture on my yahoo account. Range is upto Rs. 15000.

rahul raj
November 23, 2010: 1:02 am

i want a nokia phone with super headset sound , 3mp camera, highspeed internet in 6000-8000 range. Please send me the details including photos.

Super Man
November 12, 2010: 1:12 am

Koi Dhang Ka mobile HaI Kya Nokia me?

November 10, 2010: 12:22 pm

i want to know the best nokia mobiles with all good features including 3g and flash good mp camera within price should cointain net and facebook and others .the screen should be large .

November 7, 2010: 5:18 am

Sir i want a mobile ranges between 6000rs to 8000rs…So can u suggest me some mobile which fit in my range….Mobile must have good mp3 prayar,gud camera preforamance &front camera..I need urgently reply soon

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November 2, 2010: 8:03 am

hai i need a mobile list price at the range of 6000-8000 in nokia

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i want in 8000 touch screen mobile

October 30, 2010: 8:46 am

i want a touch screen of samsung ,it should have 3g.range from 6000-8000.please send me the datails along with photographs.

anuj sharma
October 28, 2010: 3:03 am

i want 2 buy best touch screen ,smart phone between 6000 to 8000

October 18, 2010: 5:30 am

I want to buy a nokia mobile within a range of below 8,000 Rs.which have a great features,good quality camera(around 2 or 3 MP) & music.

October 16, 2010: 5:22 am

i want to buy a new mobile phone price range between 6000-8000 with 5 mega picsle camera & 2 gb memory

October 13, 2010: 10:33 am

i wanna see bf in mobiles

October 12, 2010: 6:18 am

Pls let me know whether Nokia 6303 classic is good mobile phone with good quality of picture camera.

October 11, 2010: 9:11 am

i want nokia best phone good quality 4mp camera with flash his internal memory is 1gb and cost is rs 8000/-

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