Best 3 Microwave Oven for 2010

By Soumitra Mondal, Gaea News Network
Monday, October 25, 2010

Here are the world’s chosen microwaves. They are stylish and do more than just microwaving. The microwaves are high tech with better features and surely serve as a pride for any kitchen. The trick lies in choosing the better one according to your needs and space. Then the rest of the magic depends on the gadget and its awesome features which can a give a new dimension to your cooking.


Panasonic NN-SD688S

This is first on the list. Panasonic NN SD688S has a stylish stainless steel exterior. It has the newest inverter technology which helps the food to cook more evenly. The space is 1.2 Cubic foot and cooking power is 1300 watts. Another feature which distinguishes it from other gadgets is the sensor technology which prevents the food from over cooking.

Samsung SMH9187ST

Though expensive and spacious 1.8 cubic foot is ideal for big family those who need quick cooking. The microwave is equipped with a sensor to prevent over cooking and it has a 14 inches rotating turntable. The microwave has lights and fans on the bottom for the stove below. The microwave has lot of space and excellent cooking skills. It offers a yearlong guarantee.

Sharp R-230KW

Now the microwave comes for small families and with small space. This lacks the inverter technology but its usage is easier as it has no complicated features. The size is small just 0.8 cubicfoot it fits in almost any kitchen no matter how small it is. It is cheap in price fits in every budget and consumes just 800 watts. It’s ideal for small family and light cooking

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