Black Friday 2009 Best Gadget Deals

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Saturday, October 24, 2009

gadgets3Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving day, is the time to kick off for the holiday shopping. It is not very far away, so you should prepare for it right now. Start you research to get the best deal on the gadgets you want to buy. If you don’t have the time for the research don’t worry, we have gone through a lot of ads and picked the best deals for you. Here are the sites where you can get the best deals for gadgets you want. I hope this will surely make you smile this Black Friday. Have a go.

HP Pavillion M9350F Desktop PC


If you want a desktop Power horse, this is perhaps the best time to invest your money on it. The system comes with the phenomenal AMD Phenom X4 9850 2.5GHz quad core processor which has way better performance the best Intel Core 2 Duo Processors available in the market. Its 6GB RAM, 750GB HDD and 512MB Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT graphics Card will satisfy any of your computing, gaming or other needs. The system is available normally at $1199 but for the Black Friday it is available at an unbelievable price of just $649.

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8GB Zune MP3 Player

If you want an MP3 Player but you are not an Apple fanatic, you’ll surely love the Zune MP3 Player from Microsoft. This 8GB Zune MP3 Player with built in FM Tuner can store all of your favorite music, video or pictures. Generally, it costs about $145 but you can get a heavy discount of $55 this Black Friday and get it at an unbelievable price of only $90.

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Asus 19 inch LCD Monitor

This is a nice LCD Display you ever wanted to replace your old CRT Monitor if you still have one. It comes with a nice 300cd/sq m brightness and 800 : 1 contrast ratio. The display resolution is 1440 X 900 to show enough detail in exceptional picture quality. The monitor normally costs $169 but this Black Friday it is available at a reduced price of $129.
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Samsung BD P1400 Blu-ray Disc Player

It seems that the war between HD DVD and BluRay has been settled and everyone is talking about Blu-Ray and none about the HD DVD. This is why it is the time to plunge in for a Blu-Ray Player as most of the future movies are going to be available in Blu-Ray formats to enjoy them in really high quality in your HDTV. Samsung Blu-Ray players have good quality and also attractive pricing. This Blu-Ray player is available at a list price of $499 but on the Black Friday it is available at only $377.
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Corsair 4GB DDR2 SDRAM

If you want to boost up some speed of your PC, adding an extra pair of RAM will be surely of some help. Other than going for a full system change, it won’t cost you an arm or leg and still give significant performance boost to you system. Normally this 4GB RAM Costs $85 but you can grab them for as low as $50. Only a little price for the performance, what do you say?
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Sony Bravia 40 inch Full HD LCD TV

A decent sized full HD LCD TV was always on my shopping list but I could not purchase it before as the price of those TVS always seemed quite too high for me to spare. But this time I am going to get this LCD TV from Sony which has unmatched quality with its high refresh rate and good motion picture showing capability with its Motion Flow technology. This has a list price of $1299 but this Black Friday it will be available with a flat discount of $250 to make it only $1049!
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Olympus FE-300 Digital Camera

We generally say that high resolution 12MP Cameras are not necessary for best quality pictures as they tend to improve the quality only a bit from an 8MP camera. And spending $400 for getting a 12MP Camera is not worth the picture quality as you can get almost the same quality with an 8MP Camera that is half the price of it. But if you can get a 12MP Camera at that price why shouldn’t you go for it? To say the truth, getting a 12MP Camera at less than $200 is really a bargain. This camera is available at $199 with a flat discount of $100 from its list price of $299.
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Note : The prices and deals are verified at the time of writing only and it may vary anytime. You need to verify the links before actually making a purchase.

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This upcoming black friday will cross all the limit of shopping and joy because many of the best schemes and deals will come in this black friday.

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