Blackberry has to confirm to national interests, says Pilot

Thursday, September 2, 2010

KOLKATA - Minister of State for Communication and Information Technology Sachin Pilot said there would be no compromise with national security concerns in resolving the critical deadlock between Canada-based BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) and the center.


Pilot while talking to media persons here on Wednesday, also added that legitimate concerns of law enforcement agencies must be addressed at the earliest.

“It is the endeavour of the Government of India to ensure that we do not leave anything to chance vis-a -vis the security of our country’s concern. If there are any concerns that are legitimate and raised by the law enforcement agencies, they must be addressed. Technology should not be a barrier for us to make sure that there is safety of citizens and internal security in the country,” said Sachin Pilot.

Appreciating the proposed interim solutions presented by the RIM, Pilot said the concerned officials would examine the steps within the next two months.

“They have offered some solutions to the law enforcement agencies and to the Home Ministry. The Home Ministry has also asked the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to examine those solutions for the next 60 days. The DoT will examine the solutions provided by RIM and BlackBerry,” said Pilot.

Interestingly, the Canada based wireless giant has more than a million BlackBerry subscribers in the world’s second fastest growing economy, India.

Though RIM has already made BlackBerry Internet, voice calls and messenger available to the authorities, India is seeking access to its unique encrypted service for business and corporate clients, routed through RIM’s own servers based in the UK and Canada. By Sankha Ghosh (ANI)

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