Brit couple wed after falling in love in online game before they’d even met

Saturday, November 13, 2010

LONDON - A British couple, who met through an online game, is believed to be the only second pair in UK to tie the knot after meeting in an online video game.


Paul Turner, 27, and Vicky Teather, 29, met through their seemingly mismatched characters Andurus, a handsome warrior clad in armour, and Branwen, a character half his height with stick-out ears and green hair.

Turner, a computer programmer, was living in London and Teather, was studying at university in Southampton, when they met on the online game, which allows characters, or avatars, to talk to each other through messaging systems.

After playing for about 18 months, the two became close to one another, with Teather, from Basingstoke, Hampshire, finding Turner to be caring.

“Andurus, albeit a cartoon type character, is strong and physically attractive but it was Paul’s caring personality that really shone through,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

She did not know how attracted she had become to Turner until he had to start a new job, and did not have time to spare for the game.

“It was a shock to realise I had a crush on an avatar, someone I had ultimately never even met or spoken to on the phone,” she said.

“And I couldn’t help but feel guilty as I was living with my partner. At first I tried to forget my feelings.

“But I couldn’t. Fortunately, I had Paul’s MSN address and nervously sent a message to him telling him how much I missed him and confessing my feelings,” she stated.

Turner on the other hand had a long-term girlfriend, but after messaging for a few more days he suggested they meet, which they eventually did on Christmas Eve 2008 outside Southampton station.

“As soon as I saw Vicky I knew she was the one for me. Incredibly, although we’d never met in real life before, because of our virtual fantasy relationship we already felt we knew about one another,” he said.

“In fact, we both admitted neither of us had ever felt like it before. Neither of us wanted to have an affair, and yet the attraction in real life was as strong as it had been between our avatars.

“So on Boxing Day I finished with my girlfriend and in the New Year Vicky’s relationship also finished,” he added.

The two got married in September last year, and their wedding cake featured their avatars in icing. (ANI)

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