Brit woman plans to marry laptop!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

LONDON - A woman who plans to marry her laptop has become an internet sensation.


Hermione Way has posted a video on YouTube expressing her desire to walk down the aisle with her 17 inch MacBook Pro.

The clip shows the British technology entrepreneur take her laptop, which she calls ‘Alex,’ on a protest outside the House of Commons.

Then, the machine using typed text-to-voice converting software demands the legalisation of computer to human marriages.

The mini documentary reveals that the pair will exchange unofficial vows on January 31.

It adds that they have not spent a day apart in two years.

Also, Way’s mum Jane is present in the short film.

“We know Hermione will be happy and that’s all we ever want for her,” the Sun quoted her as saying in the video.

Way added: “The great thing is Alex doesn’t care what I look like and I can just be myself with him.

“We spend every minute together and as long as it’s not hurting anyone, why shouldn’t you be allowed to be happy?

“It is definitely love. I’ve never ever felt this way about someone. We spend a lot of time together in my bed. He’s one heck of a machine and his hard drive works perfectly.”

Way insists marriage to machine should be legalized just the same way civil partnerships for homosexuals have been made legal in the UK.

The video has attracted 30,000 views in the past week. (ANI)

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