Nokia and Intel Goes for Meego

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Intel Reveals A 48 Core CPU Aimed To Spearhead Cloud Computing

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Best 10 Netbook Under $500

netbooksNetbook, NETbook, netBOOK, NETBOOK! Everyone is crying for a netbook today. Whether you are a student, a corporate businessman or a housewife, all of you want a netbook now because they are cheap, portable, has enough performance to easily do some net surfing, watch a movie, listen music or some office document writing/editing tasks. A netbook hits the sweet spot between the computing capability of a smartphone and a mainstream computer which is ideal for many professionals on the go and is also ideal for those who are looking for a laptop on budget. Here we have collected the best netbooks that are available for under $500. Almost all of the netbooks are based on Intel Atom Processor and has 1GB RAM and 160GB HDD with similar performance. So we have listed other important aspects in short which you might consider before buying a netbook. Have a look at the list.
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Intel Core 2 Duo Vs Intel Dual Core Processor : A Comparative Study

intel-processorsI donno what Intel thinks before churning out such an idiot sounding name with both a numerical 2 and a Duo in its processors name but surely their processors are selling like hot cakes. There were some days when there were two family of processors from Intel : Celeron and Pentium. And people knew that Celeron Processors are crap and Pentium Processors are good. But with this naming convention of Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Core Duo a.k.a. Intel Dual Core, they sound nearly the same and I know some people who even think that their performances are also same. But don’t worry too much, here we have come out with a simple comparison that will clear all your confusions.
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Intel vs Asus vs Gigabyte Motherboards : Quick Comparison

gigabyte-ga-x48-ds5-intel-x48-express-motherboard-reviewA motherboard is the central or primary circuit board of a modern computer. The CPU, graphics video card, sound card, hard disk controller, memory (RAM), and other essential components reside on the motherboard. Other components such as external storage, controllers for video display and sound, and peripheral devices are connected to the motherboard via edge connectors and cables. This is why the motherboard is like the heart of the computer.

Choosing a motherboard can be an overwhelming task. The industry boasts an incredible variety of motherboard manufacturers and models, and you’ll find a wad of compatible motherboard models for a single Intel or AMD processor model. We have chosen Intel, Asus and Gigabyte : three leading manufacturers of Motherboards and made a general comparison between them. Take a look.
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Top 10 Server Motherboards/ Mainboards

727923-aWithout a good foundation, even the best processor and operating system will deliver poor performance. Choosing even a high end desktop board would not be a great solution as they contain sound, video, ethernet controller and other fluffy stuff if we consider it from the perspective of a server. Unlike the desktop motherboards, server boards generally require less power and generate less heat. They do this by using server based processors like the XEON line and redundant power supplies. Also a good server board should have a good number of expansion slots to help your business grow. Here is a list of 10 motherboards for servers that will keep your business up and running.

  1. Intel 3210 SHLX Snowhill Server Motherboard
  2. ASUS DSEB-DG Server Motherboard
  3. Supermicro H8SSL-I
  4. Intel S5500BC Server Motherboard
  5. TYAN S4985G3NR  Server Motherboard
  6. ASUS Z8NA-D6C  Server Motherboard
  7. SUPERMICRO MBD-X8DT3-O  Server Motherboard
  8. Intel S3200SHV  Server Motherboard
  9. Asus M2N-LR (Socket AM2)
  10. Tyan Tomcat H1000s S3950 (Socket AM2)

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Top 10 Tablet PCs of 2009

articleimageTablet PCs are becoming more and more popular because of their portability and easy features in various fields. With the sophisticated touchscreen facility, swiveling displays and stylish styluses, tablet PCs are the way to go. There are many Tablets PCs available in the market. Some of them are costly and the others have poor performance. We have made a list of good performing Tablet PCs that will not make you splurge. Take a look at the top 10 Tablet PCs available.
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Top Differences between Intel Core 2 Duo and AMD Athlon Processors

intl_v_amd_1There were always a tug-of-war between AMD and Intel as it will always remain. Each company comes with their latest processor ranges and beats their rivals with either price or performance. We have always been more concerned about the name and the product rather than delving deep into the underlying technology that separates them. What makes people rely on Intel Core 2 Duo? What are the answers from AMD’s side? All these questions are answered in here. Take a look and the battle of processors won’t ever be a thing of Mars to you.

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Top 10 Laptops to Buy in 2009

In this vast arena of different laptops proclaiming that they are the only #1, everyone is puzzled what to choose and what not from the oceans of available laptops. It was also difficult at our end to predict the top laptops of 2009 beforehand. But we made a list of top 10 laptops not only depending on the performance but also keeping in mind some factors like price, customer satisfaction, style, features etc. Take a look at the list.

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All in One Health System Monitoring Device from Intel

Keeping our reputation for today to concentrate on senior citizens and aging parents, here is another product whose concept is worn out but the manufacturer may attract you. A health system monitoring device is nothing new to this world of electronics. And their lack of accuracy and productivity also are a source of common complaints. But Intel is now at it to make the most comprehensive medical health system monitoring device for us. So, we are looking forward to it eagerly just because of the reputation that precedes Intel.

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