Panasonic announced ten new Viera 3D HD TVs
Panasonic unleashed bunch of new Viera TVs in four different series.
3D Digital CATV Set-top box launched by Panasonic
Suddenly the cold and boring market of CATV market is geared up! Yes, that's exactly the thing Panasonic has done today by introducing three new 3D Blu-Ray BDXL burners capable CATVs Set-top box: TZ-BDT910M, TZ-BDT910F and TZ-BDT910P.
Panasonic comes with five new high-end compact Cameras
Five new compact point and shoot lumix camera have been launched by Panasonic this morning.
Panasonic unveil overhead headphones RP-HX300 and RP-HX200
Panasonic included two new members to its overhead headphones family.
Panasonic unveiled 3TB, 3D and 3 Digital TV Tuner Video Recorder
This Digital Video recorder is the first model from Panasonic to feature in Japan 3TB of Storage as well as 3D video Support and 3 Digital TV tuners for just 320,000 Yen! Apart from this, Panasonic also has for you the DMR-BZT800 with a 2TB HDD or the DMR-BZT700 with only 1TB and last but not the least the cheapest model, the DMR-BWT600 with only 500GB of storage and sold at around 110,000 Yen.
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