How to make a high-end budget PC within Rs. 15,000 (tested with Windows 7)

desktop-pcWho doesn’t want a high end PC that fits in to his budget too? As Windows 7 is going to be released on Oct 22, I am facing some questions that are almost hypothetical, like, how can we recommend a high end PC that will support Windows 7 and upcoming software requirements? To answer all your queries, we have assembled one and tested it with a Windows 7 RTM. But there is more to it.We have made it under Rs. 15,000 (about $300)! So here is the configuration for those who are looking to upgrade their desktops without filing a chapter 11 for your personal economy.
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Future of Electric Vehicles in India: A detailed study

reva-electric-car-1There are hundreds of advantages of using Electric Vehicles. They doesn’t burn fossil fuels to generate power so they have zero emission and no pollution. They are virtually maintenance free as they have no gears, no engine, no belt or chain drive, no problem of starting and many more. In India you don’t need any registration or license to drive these vehicles as they are exempted from the Central Vehicles registration act by Automotive Research Association of India(ARAI). But still they are very far from grabbing the moderate share of the commercial vehicles market. What are the main obstacles that prevent Electric Vehicles from being popular. Know the facts here.
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Kodak EasyShare M1033 (Black) Review

kodak_m1033The 10MP 3X Optical Zoom Kodak Easyshare M1033 won’t win any prizes for its picture quality but it will surely win the hearts of many novice photographers with its simplicity of operation, very very affordable price tag and above average picture quality for a camera of its class. It is not a camera overflowing with features or they are boasting major performance claims on this camera but its simplicity is its specialty that we should take note of. We have made a review of this camera for those novice photographers among you who want to shoot some pictures on the holiday with family at the beaches or with your mates at the pub.
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5 Crazy Horror Games you Dare not Play Alone

horror-gamesDo you love adventure? Do you think that a pinch of fear in any adventure doubles the fun? If your answer is yes to these questions then you must play these horror games which will give you the thrill of adventure combined with your skills to survive in a fierce situation and fearful gaming environment. These horror games will not only keep you stuck to your seats but at times they will fetch your heart to your mouth with their sheer elements of creepiness. Have a look at the list but don’t play these games alone in your house at night. If you want to play them, play at your own risk - you can’t say you haven’t been warned.
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Top 10 Cordless Phones in India

panasonic-kx-tg6700-high-range-2-line-cordless-phoneCordless Phones are an essential gadget for any busy office or home. They provide the necessary flexibility of using your basic stationary phone line as a mobile phone within your office or house. They can also work as an intercom device for communication between base station and the handset. There are also some hi-tech ones with long range and can support as much as 8 handsets. They can be used as a mobile communication equipment within a factory by the mobile workers. Here is a list of the best cordless phones available in India including both the costly hi-tech ones and the simple easy to use and affordable ones for home use. Have a look at the list.

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7 Awesome Upcoming Gadgets this Fall

gadget2Gadget lovers are always in the look for new and newer gadgets. Ask them about any gadget and they’ll tell you which gadget is currently the most hyped, which is obsolete and which is to be released shortly. We are always ready to furnish them with information as soon as we get them. Here we have collected a list of gadgets that will be released this fall. Take a look at these awesome gadgets.
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Gadgetophilia Roundup : Top 5 gadgets we missed but you shouldn’t

gadgetsIf you are a gadget lover you wouldn’t want to miss a single gadget that are being launched everyday. We also don’t want to miss them. But some are unfortunately missed anyhow. But we have recollected them and here are 5 gadgets that we missed but you shouldn’t.
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10 Reasons why Apple MacBook Air is the laptop only fools should buy

apple-macbook-airApple MacBook Air packs no technology that can be called re-inventing the wheel. It doesn’t come with enough sparks in its performance to win any prize. It is a light laptop but not exactly the most. It is a thin laptop but it doesn’t add to any practical usability for shoving off those extra few millimeters. It isn’t a cheap or value-for-money laptop that one would buy with his eyes closed. It is actually for the Apple fanatics who die for it for reasons unknown. Here are 10 more reasons why  we think the Apple MacBook Air doesn’t deserve much acclaim to be polite and sucks to be accurate.
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5 Multifunctional Gadgets we desperately want to see in real

multifunctional-gadgetsThere are many people who think that convergence of many gadgets into one is our future and there are also many people who think that convergence into a single gadget is not possible because we need specific gadgets with different form factors for a variety of applications. This is why the mobile screen will not be as big as our netbook screen because it will then loose its pocketability. Our TV can not find its place inside the mobile screen because it will then loose the viewing pleasures of big screen. But we think that there are some tech combos possible that can make life a little easier for us. Here they come.
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Top 10 Sports Games Available for Xbox 360, Playstation and Wii

sports-gamesIf you can’t play those actual outdoor games then don’t be sad as you can feel the same joy and excitement at the comfort of your home by playing these highly realistic sports games. They need the precision, speed, accuracy and agility that you need to play an actual one. Most of the sports games that are available now also requires your game playing concepts and sometimes it even requires physical movements of the console that you are playing on (Wii remote is a good example of that). Here are 10 best sports games that are available now to be played in your Xbox 360, Playstation or Wii.
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