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iRobot’s Scooba 230 : World’s Smallest Floor-Washing Robot
In a market filled with thousands of varieties of vacuum cleaner, iRobot's floor washing robot Scooba 230 stands out for it's unique features.
Now Get Extra Out of Your Netbook On the Go with Portable USB Power Supply
This Portable USB Power Supply is the pocket sized tool that might be of some help when you're sending in a mail to your boss and the batterylife of your netbook betrays you.
Pioneer’s DJ Digital Player and Mixer
Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. Professional Sound and Visual Division today introduced a new pearl white version of its entry-level DJ system comprising of two CDJ-350-W digital media players and a DJM-350-W 2-channel mixer.
ThinkGeek Presents R/C Micro Metal Gyro Copter at Just $24
The ThinkGeek R/C Micro Metal Gyro Copter is an amazing miniature of a copter that can entertain you when you are laying back in your couch tired of the hussles.
10 Unique and Unconventional Gadgets for Christmas 2010
Christmas is just a few hands away and on this most awaited ocassion exchanging gifts is nothing new.
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