Garmin Nuvi Recall Creates Sensation

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Top 10 Cordless Phones in India

panasonic-kx-tg6700-high-range-2-line-cordless-phoneCordless Phones are an essential gadget for any busy office or home. They provide the necessary flexibility of using your basic stationary phone line as a mobile phone within your office or house. They can also work as an intercom device for communication between base station and the handset. There are also some hi-tech ones with long range and can support as much as 8 handsets. They can be used as a mobile communication equipment within a factory by the mobile workers. Here is a list of the best cordless phones available in India including both the costly hi-tech ones and the simple easy to use and affordable ones for home use. Have a look at the list.

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Logitech M555B Bluetooth Mouse : Compact and Stylish Wireless Mouse at Your Budget

logitech_m555b_02_dh_fx57We all know that Logitech is a leader when it comes to production of PC Peripherals. Even in our list of top 10 wireless mouse more than half of the mice models are from Logitech which speaks of its product quality. Here is another good looking compact wireless mouse which connects via Bluetooth so that avid laptop users doesn’t need a separate wireless device to be connected to their USB Port.
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Cideko Air Keyboard Can Be Used as 3D Mouse and Remote Control

cideko-air-kb-1Do you think Brando’s Wireless HTPC Keyboard with Multitouch TrackPad is not enough to meet your needs? OK. We have the Cideko Air keyboard which has a pair of gamepad style shoulder buttons in place of more standard mouse buttons. You have to wave the keyboard to imitate the mouse action. Happy?
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Top 10 3G Mobile Phones

mobile-phones3G or 3rd Generation Mobile Telephony is an advanced technology that supports services like wide-area wireless voice telephone, video calls and wireless data transmission at higher rates in a mobile environment. More and more people are shifting each day to 3G technology to make use of those advanced features. But many of them are confused when it comes to choosing the handsets that support 3G services. We have made a list of the top 10 3G mobile phones to help you in this regard. The list goes as

  1. Apple iPhone 3G
  2. Nokia E71
  3. Samsung i900 Omnia
  4. Nokia N96
  5. Blackberry Bold 9000
  6. Palm Treo 750
  7. Nokia N85
  8. Motorola Q9h
  9. Nokia N73
  10. Nokia N70

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Brando Wireless Keyboard Comes with MultiTouch TrackPad

brando-multitouch-06-09-09Brando is well known for its off the track products. May it be the Digital Mini Microscope or the USB cooling Pad, any of the Brando’s products can’t be put aside. The latest wireless keyboard from Brando is a standard keyboard that also has a touchpad supporting the multitouch facilities. You can also use the touchpad as a numeric keypad with the press of a button. The keyboard is built focusing on media center applications with 18 presumably customizable hotkeys and support for Windows XP and Vista. More features and price in full article.
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Microsoft Zune HD Official Launch Dates Confirmed

black-zune-hd-rm-engNo more rumours and fake news. Zune HD is finally coming to the market this fall. Microsoft officially announced that the next iteration of their Zune line will be able to surf the web, play HD movies, Digital Radio. They said that the device will have a customized version of Internet Explorer which is specially optimized for touchscreen usage and they also indicated that it will have some new touch-friendly apps and games but they were silent about any further details. Do you think it can take on the iPod Touch? Read on to find an answer.
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Microsoft to launch two new bluetrack wireless mouse in June

bluetrack-6000Microsoft has come out with yet another pair of wireless mice named Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 and Wireless Mouse 5000. Mobile Mouse 6000 comes with Microsoft’s first nano transceiver, which is just 0.8 cm larger than the USB port. The Wireless Mouse 5000 is a full sized one with a snap-in transceiver of reliable 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology. Read on to know the price and availability. Full article (98 words) »

Top 10 Wireless Mouse

logitech-mx-revolution-cordless-laser-mouseMouse, since its appearance with the Apple Macintosh in 1984, has become the single most important and popular pointing device. A computer becomes dull and dumb without this device. Even people find it comfortable to use the mouse instead of touchpads in case of  laptops. With the evolution of mouse technology, we have come a long way from the trackball mouse to the optical laser mice. With the wireless mice you don’t need to connect them via a cord. They also boast several buttons and scroll wheels that helps to get the job done in a  quicker and efficient way. What are the top wireless mice these days? Check out here.
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Top 10 VOIP Phones

logo_voip2Voice Over Internet Protocol is one of the emerging technologies these days. With the improved technology that puts aside various complaints, VOIP is surely attracting heads with unimaginably cheap call rates. But before you proceed any further, you need to know about the market leaders who provide the best technology under best price. Let me share the list of top 10 most efficient VOIP phones in the market.
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