Batman: Arkham Asylum Review

batman-arkham-asylum-boxartEveryone of us knows about Batman and those of you who read the comics know that Arkham Asylum is the iconic psychiatric hospital in the Gotham City. The Batman: Arkham Asylum is a new third person action game in which you not only get toe-to-toe with thugs in fast paced punch ups but you also employ satisfying stealth tactics with great gadgets. There are riddles to solve, detective works and lots of other things which will make you feel like batman. Take a look at the review to know more.
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Review: ‘Scribblenauts,’ ‘Professor Layton,’ ‘Mario & Luigi’ keep Nintendo’s DS humming

‘Scribblenauts’ leads parade of Nintendo DS gems

Apple has turned the iPhone into a popular device for video games. Sony is about to introduce the PSP go, a slick new version of its handheld PlayStation Portable. But both companies are still playing catch-up with Nintendo, which has dominated the portable game market for decades.

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Microsoft Xbox executive Shane Kim to retire after 19 years

Xbox exec Shane Kim to retire after 19 years

NEW YORK — Shane Kim, the Microsoft Corp. executive who oversaw the growth of its video game business from the original Xbox and through such hits as “Halo” and “Gears of War,” is retiring after 19 years with the software maker.

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Startup Spawn Labs begins selling box for playing console video games on a laptop

Startup lets you play console video games remotely

SAN FRANCISCO — As any a video game aficionado knows, it’s easy to pop a game into your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and spend hours working your way from one level to the next. Without the hefty console, though, you’re out of luck if you want to keep blasting those aliens while away from home.

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DiRT 2 Review

dirt_2_profilelargeThe Collin Mc Rae Series has been the ultimate name in the rally racing genre and with the launch of this Collin Mc Rae Dirt 2, the game shows its class from the moment the ‘press start’ screen pops up. Its slick in-game menu system, the neat loading screen info only shows you what a nice gaming experience is in store for you. From its first looks I was about to give it a 10 on 10 but I held myself before doing that and started to play it and after completing a few sessions I could give it no less than 9 marks. Here is the review.
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Key to designing a hit video game

LONDON - Two researchers at University of Birmingham, UK claim to have found the key to designing a hit video game.

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US video game retail sales fall 16 percent in August, sixth month of double-digit decline

US video game sales slide in August for 6th month

NEW YORK — Video games sales declined in August for the sixth straight month, following what analysts called a disappointing showing from the latest “Madden” game.

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US video game retail sales fall once again in August, says NPD

NPD: Video game sales slide again in August

NEW YORK — Retail sales of video games have declined for six straight months.

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Surviving Nirvana members dismayed by Kurt Cobain character in ‘Guitar Hero 5′

Nirvana members dismayed by ‘Guitar Hero 5′

LOS ANGELES — Kurt Cobain’s appearance in the latest “Guitar Hero” video game is not hitting the right notes with the surviving members of Nirvana.

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Coinstar sells gumball and video game business to focus on Redbox DVD kiosks and coin changers

Coinstar sells gumball and video game business

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Coinstar Inc., the owner of the DVD vendor Redbox, said on Wednesday that it has closed the sale of its business of coin-operated gumball machines, children’s rides, and video games.

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