I reviewed the DroiTab for about a week (sample provided to us by Umesh Satija, and has since been returned).

LONDON - The US man, who was dubbed as "the most stupid criminal ever" after he posted a photo of himself on the Facebook page of the owner of a laptop he had stolen, has pleaded guilty to burglary.

LONDON - Personal laptops have been barred at the military academy where Princes William and Harry trained after one worker was caught viewing his girlfriend's home-made porn website while at work.

LONDON - The search of a missing schoolgirl's laptop in UK has helped catch 240 online predators, and also spark a major child abuse operation.t had begun as a simple missing person's inquiry, but ended with arrests being made in 15 different countries.

SYDNEY - A senior public servant in Australia has been sacked after he Googled the word "knockers", and looked at legal pornography on a work laptop at his own home.
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