Tata TeleServices Unveiled India’s First 3G Embedded Netbook

tata-x107hTata Teleservices Limited (TTSL) has announced India’s First 3G Embedded netbook in collaboration with Haier Mobile i.e. Olive telecommunication. The netbook is equipped with high speed internet access for mobile Internet connectivity and broadband. The devices use EV-DO or Evolution-Date optimized technology on Tata Teleservices network which will enable users with broadband connectivity. They said that they will launch a complete range of netbooks enabled with 3G connectivity in the next few months. All of them will be in the range of Rs. 4,999 to Rs. 39,999.

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Lenovo G530 Review

ibmnotebooklenovog530laptopOther than its main ThinkPad and IdeaPad lineup of notebooks, Lenovo also offers some notebooks that gives the consumers the value for their money. The latest G530 is a notebook that has a nice full sized 15.4 inch display, an Intel Pentium Dual Core or Core 2 Duo Processor and 3GB of RAM with a sub $500 price tag. The notebook surely has good enough specs and features under a budget pricing but does it have any glitch that can be a deal breaker? We have made a review to find the answer. Have a go.
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5 Reasons to Ditch an Acer laptop


Acer is best known for its low-cost budget offerings in the netbook categories of laptops. They are probably the biggest competitor to another big gun in this field - Asus. But are Acer’s laptops good enough to invest a few hundred bucks which is a lot of money for many of us. To answer straightly I would say, No. Here is why you shouldn’t buy an Acer laptop. Full article (413 words) »

Maine expands its 1st-in-nation program, distributes laptops to high schoolers

Maine widens school laptop program to high schools

FARMINGDALE, Maine — The state that was first to provide laptops to every seventh and eighth grader in its public schools is taking its campaign to the high schools, and Maine’s top education official vowed Thursday that every high school student will have a laptop computer within two years.

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Toshiba Satellite L355 Review

toshiba-satellite-l355-s7902Toshiba isn’t exactly well known for its comprehensive laptop ranges, especially when there is Apple and Sony with their luxurious laptops, Dell and HP with their standard laptop offerings and Asus and Acer with their vast and cheap netbook collections. Toshiba has tried to enter all these markets with their Portege, Quosmio, Satellite and Tecra Series but all in vein. And now it seems they are trying to define a market of its own with its latest 17 inch laptop with decent performance in the $350 netbook price range. But does this latest Satellite L355 have any glitches that can be a deal breaker? We have made a review to find the answer. Have a go.
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Sony VAIO X to set new standard of battery life for ultraportables

sony-vaio-xSony has shown off a new ultraportable with 11.1 inch display at IFA 2009 which they say will set a new standard for stamina with its all day battery life. The machine is built of carbon fiber to achieve a thickness of half inch and a weight of just a pound and a half. But don’t get too exited, the sad part of the story is the system will run on underpowered Atom Processor. So, expect no gaming or heavy multitasking on it. Can you guess what would be the price of this ‘netbook’?
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Nokia unveils plans for new music phones, mini-laptop in coming months

Nokia plans more phones, netbook

STUTTGART, Germany — Nokia Corp., the world’s biggest maker of cell phones, unveiled new models Wednesday that boast more music features and mesh better with Facebook and the Finnish company’s upcoming netbook.

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Asus K50IJ Review

asus-k50ijAsus is the synonym of value for money when it comes to choosing laptops. Their latest K50IJ series is a full size budget notebook but has enough power to please those who are looking for a laptop with decent performance. If you are not expecting much from this budget priced laptop, then you’ll be surprised to see what you get for the amount of money spent on it. But does this laptop has enough performance to be really considered as an excellent desktop replacement. We have made a review to find the answer. Have a go.
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HP Pavilion DV2 Review

hp-paviliondv2HP Pavilion DV2 is no ordinary notebook. The 12 inch laptop sports a new AMD Athlon Neo Processor which seems to hit the sweet spot between the low performance laptops with Atom Processors and the the high priced laptops with Core 2 Duo Processor. In this laptop you can play the full HD 1080p movies without any problem or can play the 3D games that you can’t play on the netbooks.

But heating is a factor that can ruin a great laptop to a worst one. And AMD processors traditionally has been well-known for their higher thermal outputs. Can this laptop break the myth and produce good output performance even at lower temperatures? We have made a review to find the answer. Have a go.
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Coming soon: Dual-screen laptop

LONDON - The world’s first laptop with twin monitors is slated to hit the stores by the end of the year.

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