CoolPad Reliance CDMA and GSM Dual SIM Dual Mode Handset Review

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Monday, October 26, 2009

coolpadWith more and more people getting interested in both CDMA and GSM communication technology, Dual SIM handsets with slot for both CDMA and GSM SIM are a boon to the current generation who are using multiple phones for that purpose. The latest Coolpad 2938 Dual Mode Smartphone is a step forward to give them more option in this category by Reliance Webstore and CoolPad Communications of China. The smartphone has a good mix of entertainment and business applications like Touchscreen, 2.0 MP Camera, Music Player, FM Radio, GPRS, Bluetooth and . But does it have any con that can be a deal breaker? We have made a review to find the answer.



CoolPad 2938 is a device from a Chinese Handset manufacturer, which is why we had a feeling that it might not be that good when it comes to build quality or looks. But when we got it, it did not took much time to prove us false. The whole design is not sleek by any means and the weight of 110g also doesn’t feel like a feather in hand but rather gives a feeling of good quality build under its chrome trim and glossy finish for the front and rubberized rear paneling.

Touchscreen Display

The display is a 2.4 inch one showing 240 X 320 pixels supporting 262 K colors. The display color and saturation is not the best but it is not the worst by any means. But the brightness of the display seemed to be an issue especially in bright office lighting or sunlight. The touchscreen layer above the display might be responsible for sucking the brightness to that level. The resistive touchscreen panel is fairly responsive and there is a stylus to make accurate selections on the touchscreen. It has handwriting recognition but you would hardly use it as it takes at least 3-4 attempts to get a single letter correctly written on it.


The Interface is a nightmare for a person who is looking for a simple and effective interface. The UI is very confusing and it becomes some sort of puzzle to find a specific feature buried into the menus and submenus. I could not find the setting to change the time format to 12 hour after trying it for an hour. Though some of the interfaces are tweaked for using the touchscreen with fingers, most of the buttons and selections needs the precision of the stylus. But we were happy to see that we did not have to dig much to get the transition settings from CDMA to GSM and there are separate options clearly provided to distinguish between what you want to do and what you don’t. Overall, the interface is not one you would like from the start despite of its colorful themes and icons.


The music player is nothing more than average. The sound was clear but there was no bass even after some Equalizer preset and overall it sounded very tinny. There are no options for using your own headphone as it does not have the standard 3.5 mm audio jack but you can always connect a Stereo Bluetooth Headset as it supports A2DP. It sometimes had some issues with the player as it did not recognize some music files. The Video player supports 3GP files as well as .MP4 files but again it had some issues with the larger MP4 files. The FM Radio was standard and we don’t have any complain against that.


It has a tri band GSM support with 800 MHz band CDMA support. Opening Browser for surfing Internet, downloading contents and setting up Email accounts using the CDMA network was possible but it refused to do the same thing when I used the GSM network. There are other common connectivity options such as Bluetooth and connecting it to your PC Via USB.


The CoolPad 2938 Dual Mode Smartphone is available exclusively through Reliance World and Reliance Mobile Store.


It is priced at Rs. 10,999 (About $220). The price seems a bit overpriced and it is hardly a value for money at that price point. As per the current scenario of what other mobile manufacturers are providing, we expected a price around Rs. 9,000 and it would be a really bargain value at a price point less than Rs. 8,000 considering all of its features.


  • Dual Mode Functionality
  • Build Quality better than expected


  • User Interface Design is nowhere in competition
  • Poor display visibility in sunlight
  • Music Player Performance not up to the mark



At the end of the day, it seems that it doesn’t have enough sparks in it to be considered a good buy. The Pros list is significantly lighter than the cons list and if you don’t have a desperate urgency to have a Dual Mode Handset right now, the phone is not recommended by us.

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i want to purchase CoolPad Reliance CDMA and GSM Dual SIM Dual Mode Handset Review.

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how i purchase this handset

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Please, I want make bulk purchase of this handset in Nigeria. How can I make the purchase? Kindly send me details immediately.

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its a very good handset

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