Dell Inspiron Duo Hybrid: Netbook or Tablet??

By Avik, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Dell unveiled it’s latest innovation at the IFA this year. It happens to be a 10-inch netbook.


Well, it all started when the Dell official came up and demonstrated a sleek new Tablet. With the wink of an eye, he actually opened up to reveal that there was a keyboard inside. Before even you could think further he made the screen swivel around to face the keyboard only to unleash the fact that it could well be used as a netbook also.


The Dell Inspiron Duo Hybrid is powered by a dual core Atom N550 processor and is supposedly bundled with Windows 7 Premium.

This has been a big leap for Dell and Steve Ballmer should take the further steps carefully. He needs to strategise well if he is going for the big game. With Dells new hybrid pc the notions of luxurious computing has been redefined. Presently though the price of this bleeding edge tool isn’t available. Also there isn’t any news on the detailed specifications.

This year has been quite a good one for IFA as a number of innovations could have been noticed. Pioneers in the industry came up with their latest gadgets and flaunted them tactfully. Some of them were proved to be instant hits.

I am quite eager to get to know more about Dell Inspiron Duo Hybrid. I have my fingers crossed to get my hands on the news first. If anybody has got any further information, you’re most welcome to share it with us over here.

September 17, 2010: 11:10 pm

Its eye catching,its awesome.This innovation is quite new in its own sense.With its new release which brings
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