Dell to introduce Android based Pocket Internet Device

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, June 30, 2009

dell-phoneAccording to a rumor from WSJ, Dell engineers are working on a pocket sized mobile internet device that would run on Google’s Android OS. The device is aimed at the market between netbooks and smartphones without the usual cellphone capabilities and will be based on ARM chips rather than usual insistence of Dell on Intel or AMD chips. The reason of using ARM chips is to increase the battery life of the device which is not possible even by using Intel’s not-so-power-hungry Atom chips. This market is yet void of any real competitors other then iPod touch. It might be release later this year along with Microsoft’s Zune HD or the device may never be materialized at all.

According to WSJ

Earlier this year, Dell appointed an executive, Ain McKendrick, to be in charge of mobile Internet devices at the company. The Dell spokesman said that as the general manager of mobile Internet devices at Dell, Mr. McKendrick’s role involves “looking at future products in play for future consideration.”


According to Crunchgear Dell is looking to sell the device through cellular carrier channels. But  moconews says that Dell has been rejected by mobile carriers as their devices weren’t special enough to differentiate themselves in the already crowded smartphone market. After those failures they speculate that Dell may acquire companies to get a foothold in the mobile industry. Palm may be a potential candidate which has launched a new operating system to return the company to the glory days.

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