Droid Pro Gets Released Before Actual Date

By Shaon, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hey did you desperately longed for the Droid Pro to release? We have good news for all of you Verizon’s recent history with gadgets leak before launch has again been invoked. Now we have a early leak for Motorola Droid Pro as well. We saw this effect with the Samsung Continuum. The Droid 2 global was on sale even before it was announced. Now the latest entrant to Verizons dubious policy of breaking the street date of its product Droid Pro has come before the November 18th launch date.


You may think that its up for pre order but people who have actually bought the gadgets have got overnight confirmations. Well who would not want to flaunt one of Motorola’ most hotly anticipated release. The site lists the retail price of the phone as $479.99 it is available with a 2 year contract $279.99. By adding a mail in rebate of a $100 the price comes to $179.99. The site lists the phone as an Android, confirms that its a global version, has a touch screen and has mobile Hotspot.

One wonders all this laziness in the part of Verizon may be linked to the iPhone’s imminent arrival on January. Well it sure looks like it considering how everything is getting rushed. Considering that iPhone would surely ship many items it would be interesting to see how Verizon continues to support its Android devices.

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