Droid Update : Android 2.0.1 Update Available

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Thursday, December 10, 2009

Motorola Droid Updates were seeming to be very much essential to remove some of its glitches like camera autofocus difficulty and below average voice clarity. And the good news is that the much needed Droid Updates are now available. Verizon will be sending the updates to Droids at low usage times for another week or so.


The update features 14 upgrades including camera autofocus problem, better audio, greater battery life and an improved OS nonetheless. This move should certainly help users who were starting to feel bad about their devices. This update will certainly help Droid remain at competition with the other devices in the market (Actually I am indicating to iPhone!).

They’re really important. There were some flaws. The camera was the most advertised. There always are some software bugs that get into [the product] that happen out of the box. It is very important and significant that they confront it and do it fairly quickly

William Stofega, program manager for mobile device technology and trends for IDC said,

I think its good Verizon is listening to customers and making sure they get the code updates to them before the real complaints start, and especially before they are faced with considering whether or not to get it for a gift.

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