Dual SIM Mobile Phone Handsets Benefits and Limitations

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Friday, November 13, 2009

dual-sim-handsetDual SIM Mobile Phone Handsets are becoming more and more popular to the users who are using two different connections, generally from two different mobile phone service providers. They give you the option to use a single mobile phone rather than carrying two different mobile phones. We have given a closer look at the scenario and here are the key benefits of the Dual SIM Handsets and also the reasons why they may not be suitable due their limitations in some circumstances.


  1. If you use a Dual SIM Handset, you need to carry only a single handset rather than carrying two separate handsets for two different SIM Cards.
  2. No hassles concerning different ringtones in different handsets and searching for numbers in one mobile and putting it to the other for calling.
  3. You can choose two different connections from different mobile phone service providers and call from one that has better call charges or the one with better signal strength.
  4. When using two different SIM from two different mobile phone service providers, you can see the signal strengths from the two service providers and you can choose to make call with the operator that has better signal strength. This is very much useful if you use a GSM and a CDMA service for a Dual Mode handset like the CoolPad we reviewed earlier.
  5. Corporate people or professionals who have to travel to several places for their job, may use a SIM for his own common number and another for a local SIM connection of that place to save up on the otherwise expensive roaming charges.
  6. If you are using an office number and a home number, you can choose to switch the office number while keeping the home number active for the complete peace of mind.
  7. The range of phones with Dual SIM facility is not limited to one or two handsets anymore. You can choose to have any feature on a Dual SIM Handsets too.



Though the Dual SIM mobile phones may feel like a blessing in disguise, in practical usage I found some limitations of the phones and using two different phones seemed to be more appropriate sometimes. Here are the reasons.

  1. When the Dual SIM Phone Battery goes flat, both of the connections are lost but if you use two different you’re at higher probability that the other phone is still alive.
  2. The Dual SIM capability raises the phone price by $20 to $40 for the same other features. You can pretty much purchase another basic cellphone at that price and there is no actual price advantage of using a Dual SIM Handset rather than using two different handsets.
  3. Generally I switch off the phones before charging them. Using the Dual SIM handsets, both the connections needs to be switched off when I switch off the device which is not the case when I use two different handsets.
  4. Some of the Dual SIM phones available in the market at a cheap price aren’t actual Dual SIM phones. They have two SIM Card Slots but only one of them remains active at a time. The other installed SIM enters into switched off state when inactive. So, look for Dual SIM Dual Standby facility in the Specification List before purchasing them.
  5. If you purchase a Dual SIM Dual Standby mobile handset, you get the facility to keep both the connections alive at a time. But still when you are making/receiving a call from a connections,
  6. If you use two separate handsets, you can switch off one handset and call forward from one number to another number and it will be much like you Dual SIM handset.
  7. If one of your handset malfunctions, you are not stuck in the interim since no one will know that its off due to call divert. This is not possible in Dual SIM handsets because there is only one handset!



I think that this discussion is enough for you to decide yourself whether Dual SIM handsets are worth a buy or not. If you have any experience or thoughts of yours please feel free to comment.

P. S. :
I forgot to mentions one key factor in favor of the Dual SIM handsets. If you have two girlfriends give the two different numbers to them and you are at a lesser risk to get caught! Ha Ha.


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February 5, 2010: 11:48 am

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December 5, 2009: 7:56 am

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November 13, 2009: 9:54 pm

to the author,

thanks for being a brilliant idea, to give us an option for us, for buying a gadget particulary a dual sim mobile….

hope u continue doing this,….

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