There’s Plenty of Duke to go around. Its almost a decade since the gaming audience was subjected to the horrors of delays for their favorite Duke to come back. The 12 year journey where the game That suffered no less than 4 engine changes, countless delays and a studio turning bankrupt is “Over”. Its official gamers, Duke Nukem Forever will ship in early 2011. When George Broussard posted a picture of pigs flying yesterday he was not joking. Gearbox, the studio behind Boderlands announced today at the PAX Prime in Seattle that pigs DO fly. It was revealed that Gearbox has been slaving away to give Duke the finishing touches on his R&R since 2009 year end.

Duke Nukem Forever was a victim of its own ambition. The 3D realms studio slaved in it for years, they wanted to create the best game ever. But lack of planning and financial losses forced it to shut doors. This is when Take 2 picked it up. from the early peeks in to the gameplay we can see that the Duke has still got it. The first thing the player does in the demo being shown at PAX is “Hold Left Trigger To Piss”. Is this what has become of Duke the icon ? HELL YEAH.

As a journalist I am supposed to keep my emotions in check. But this is Duke Nukem Forever!! A running gag, what does a games journalist do when he has nothing to write about? He writes a speculation for a release date about Duke Nukem Forever. Now it is going to be a matter of gaming history.

The action in then shifts to a football locker room. Where the military are planning on how to tackle the monster in the field. And there is a white board. A gamer walks to the board and thinks “What will Duke Do?”. He draws a D*** on the board. It is for gamers like them that Duke seems to never have lost a beat. The unadulterated Duke in the demo has already sent shock waves in the members of the audience who have admittedly spent a long time in waiting. The awesome monsters featured in the game’s lost artwork as back as well. Then the usual fare Duke does what he does best, um he kicks the alien scums eyes out because they shot his ride. The level ends The camera pans we get to see Duke playing his XBOX with a gold controller and two ladies bending down.

“What about the game, was it any good?” one of them asks.

“Yeah, but after 12 f***ing years it should be,” he answers.

A legend is re born. “Hail to the king baby”

Duke Nukem Forever, The game that has kept us waiting for that long a time should never find its place in the public consciousness so why is this special? The Poster Boy the old school shooters will finally strike in 2011. Like it or hate it the games got attitude something that is sorely missing in the modern protagonists.

A secretive trailer is in the works, one which will have 3 strippers and a three breasted monster. And what does it sign off with? Duke saying ” Hell! I’d still hit it”. Now I’m all out of Gum