DVI Port Guide

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Monday, September 28, 2009

dvi-portDVI or Digital Visual Interface is an interface on your computer through which you can get very high quality display as it uses digital techniques compared to VGA Ports which uses analog system to transfer the display data. Using the DVI Ports, digital display devices such as LCD Monitors and LCD Projectors can display more accurate color tones and contrast levels.

Key Features

  • It uses digital protocols which uses streams binary data about the illumination of each pixels.
  • There is no possibility of any noise or brightness effects from adjacent pixels ensuring the sharpness of the images.
  • No possibility to connect it in an incorrect position.
  • It is partially compatible with HDMI in DVI-D Mode and VGA in DVI-A Mode.
  • It also supports Display Data Channel or DDC and Extended Display Identification Data or EDID.

Types of DVI

181px-dvi_connector_typessvgDVI-D or DVI Digital

This provides the true digital connection between your video card and monitor. In this type of connection, you get high quality image without any loss in quality. The communication standard is totally digital so that there is no digital-analog-digital conversion needed ensuring zero noise and zero loss in signal quality.

DVI-A or DVI Analog

This format is used to carry DVI Signals to an analog display like CRT displays. Though this standard can provide higher quality than the older VGA standards, but as the CRT displays are getting obsolete, this standard is also moving in the same direction.

DVI-I or DVI Integrated

Any Video Card that supports DVI means that it supports DVI-I in general. Basically, it supports both analog and digital signals through single cable. If you have a DVI-I Port in your Video Card, you can connect either a DVI-D or a DVI-A device to this port and it will work without any problem.

My Video Card has only one VGA and one DVI-I Port. Can I use both ports to create a Dual Monitor Setup?

dvi1Yes. You can. If have two VGA Monitors, connect one monitor to the VGA Port and connect another monitor to the DVI-I Port using a DVI-I to VGA Port Adapter. Do the additional configuration necessary. That’s it.

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