Dynamic’s Patent Pending Prototype Credit Car Will Change The Way You Shop Forever

By Shaon, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Technology changes with you and soon everything around you will change beyond its recognition. Companies around the word are trying to change technology for better and seamless financial transactions for some time now. While that might be a novel approach Dynamics, Inc has decided to make the existing technology better. The video from CES New York about the fun things they are doing with the card has already been appreciated.


The Card 2.0 as the computing platform powering the new Citi Cards are being called. The new technology will enable the cards that re-write the magnetic strips depending on the users preference to charge with their cash or reward points. The card itself is waterproof so their is very low possibility of short circuiting due to rain. Also the battery that powers the card is good enough for a 6 year go.

The chief benefit with this card will be that it will allow the usage of multiple accounts with the same card. Security features are not lax either. The Card may be programed to require a pin before displaying the account number. As this card slowly paces its way to mass market production one can safely say many pieces of plastic around the world would be broken to get access to the new Hi Tech systems.

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