electronicentertainmentexpoThe Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3 - the world’s largest convention for video games - has ended this Thursday with a total of 40,000 attendees compared to about 5,000 over the past two years. We have to wait till June 15th to 17th, 2010 for the next E3 to be held at Los Angeles Convention Center. What was the main attractions of this E3? Who won the best game award?

The participating companies took advantage of the big stage to show off their new hardware, new digital download strategies and a plethora of games. Sony and Microsoft both being inspired from the Nintendo’s Success with the Wii, offered motion based camera system.

Sony showed off a new motion controller for their PlayStation 3 gaming platform. And they also showed off the PlayStation Portable Go, which was leaked a few days before the show started off.

It’s great that we’re back. This is more in line with the attention the industry deserves.

said Jack Tretton, president of Sony Computer Entertainment, America.

Microsoft’s Project Natal combines a camera with speech and facial recognition and does not need a separate controller for their Xbox 360.

Another important part of this E3 was the acceleration of digital downloads of full games. Both Microsoft and Sony will offer more downloadable game options.

Games that were announced this E3

Playstation 3 Games

Final Fantasy XIV Online
Last Guardian
Uncharted 2 : Among the theives
God of War III

Nintendo Wii Games

Super Mario Galaxy 2
Super Mario Bros
Wii Fit Plus
Wii Sports Resort

Xbox 360 Games

Metal Gear Solid : Rising
Left 4 Dead
Alan Wake
Splinter : Cell Conviction

Best Games

Here is list of games that were the best games of the previous E3.
Best of Show : Fallout 3
Best Original Game : Mirror’s Edge
Best Console Game : LittleBigPlanet
Best PC Game : Spore
Best Handheld Game : Resistance: Retribution
Best Hardware/Peripheral : Rock Band 2 Ion “Drum Rocker” Set
Best Action Game : Gears of War 2
Best Action/Adventure Game : Dead Space
Best Role Playing Game : Fallout 3
Best Racing Game : Pure
Best Sports Game : Madden NFL 09
Best Fighting Game : Street Fighter IV
Best Strategy Game : Tom Clancy’s EndWar
Best Social/Casual/Puzzle : LittleBigPlanet
Best Online Multiplayer : Left 4 Dead

Game of the Year

The Game of the year was won by Fallout 3. Among the top 10 games, 8 games can be played on Xbox 360, 6 games on PS3, 3 on PC and 1 on Wii.
1. Fallout 3
2. Left 4 Dead
3. Metal Gear Solid 4
4. Grand Theft Auto IV
5. Little Big Planet
6. Gears of War 2
7. Fable II
8. Rock Band 2
9. Dead Space
10. Braid

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