Express Card Slot Guide

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

express-card-slotIf you are new to the world of laptops and looking to buy a laptop with good feature sets you might have come across some terms like HDMI Port, eSATA Port, USB 2.0 Ports, FireWire Ports and Express Card Slot. While we have discussed the previous ports, it is time to discuss about the Express Card Slot assuming that you know nothing about it. It is basically an expansion slot replacing the good ol PC Cards which were also known as PCMCIA Cards. You can use this slot to add FireWire, External SATA diskdrives, SSD Drives, TV Tuner Cards, Wireless Network Adapter Cards, Sound Cards, Additional Memory Cards and memory card readers etc. They offer greater speeds and can provide better power to the devices and better heat dissipation at the same time compared to the older PCMCIA Standard. Here are some more points that you should know about Express Card Slot.


Types of Express Card Slot


There are basically two types of Express Card Slots. One is Expresscard/34 and the other is ExpressCard/54 Slot. They are differentiated by their width. One has width of 34mm and the other has width of 54mm as you can guess by their names. Any Express Card that is made for ExpressCard/34 can fit into the slot of ExpressCard/54 but not the way other. They are both 5mm thick and 75mm long.

Key Features of Express Card Slot

  • Express Card has direct connection to the system bus through the PCI Express X1 lane and USB 2.0. This is why it has a greater bandwidth compared to CardBus PC Card.
  • They are hot swappable which means that you can remove, insert or switch the cards without powering the device off.
  • You can connect an ExpressCard to a Card Bus slot by using suitable adapter which makes it perfectly backward compatible.
  • ExpressCard Standard uses lower voltage of 1.5V and 3.3V versus 3.3V and 5.0V of older PC Card.
  • It has a maximum data throughput of 2.5Gbit/s through PCI Express Slot and 480Mbit/s through USB 2.0 dedicated for each slot.
  • A large array of Express Card devices are available in the market.
    The Express Card/34 model is able to draw up to 1.2 watts of power while the 54 model can draw up to 2.1 watts.
  • Almost all standard sized laptops have ExpressCard Slot.
  • Cheaper to manufacturer than PCMCIA Cards.cardbus_to_expresscard_adapter

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