Finally Apple will provide Free iPhone 4 Cases in Korea

By Avik, Gaea News Network
Friday, September 17, 2010


Post the much discussed upon transmission disorder, the Apple officials have come up with the aid.


The iPhone 4 was unleashed in the Korean marketplace just last week on September 10th. To cope up with the budding antenna issues over there Apple authorities have decided upon providing free iPhone 4 cases for free. These cases already distributed in other parts of the world are jackets that will help solve the signal malfunction.

It all started way back on June 24th of this year with the launch iPhone 4. Customers came up with complains that the phone was loosing signal when it was being held by the lower left portion. Steve Jobs addressed the issue himself as ‘Antennagate’ and also agreed on the fact that ‘Apple is not perfect and iPhones are not perfect.’ As per the present decisions of the company the bumper cases will be supplied to consumers who are facing the problem from Sept. 27th.

Previously, in a conference Steve Park, the PR Manager of Apple Korea said,

We now know that the iPhone antenna attenuation is even smaller than we originally thought. We will be discontinuing the free case program on Sept. 30 in countries where iPhone 4 has already launched it…. In Korea, customers should contact an Apple authorized service provider for a free bumper case…..

His misleading statements only led to unrest among the people who were outraged by the fact that they now will have to prove that their phone indeed has dis-orders to get a jacket.

Well, given it a different angle this could be a commercial issue as the third party vendors who came up with jackets of vivid designs were facing immense loss post Steve Jobs decision to distribute free cases. What do you think?

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