First Look & Review: Thermaltake Black Gaming Mouse

By Jayita, Gaea News Network
Monday, January 10, 2011

mouseThermaltake is a reputed computer hardware company. Besides their recognition as the manufacturer of computer tower cases, they also gets fame for their own line of gaming peripherals for the PC. Now this leading hardware company has come up with a Black Gaming mouse.

Touch & Feel Experience:


The black mouse looks stunning at first glance. It’s feels low weight and the peripheral has almost no weight to it. You can move the mouse smoothly across the desk and pick it up without any effort. It has red LEDs that light up when the PC is powered on.

One of the best part of touching the mouse is that the Black puts on is the thumb grip. Ridges on the left side of the mouse make for an easily-accessible grip that is very comfortable.


The cool thing about the Black Mouse is that right below the scroll wheel lies the DPI buttons. The button helps you to change the sensitivity up and down. The best thing about this mouse is the ability to click up and back down. Most gaming mice make you cycle through the available settings over and over again, whereas the Black allows you to go back and forth until you find the right setting for you. Cycling from 200, 800, 2000, and 4000 DPI, the mouse makes these options easily available.


No doubt, Thermaltake Black Gaming Mouse is a solid one for your PC. But its not something you would be agree to dump a lot of money into.

Price: $40 to $60

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