Free striptease, iPods, luxury cruises await rescued Chilean miners

Friday, October 15, 2010

NEW YORK - Being rescued after a gruelling two months underground was just not enough - now the 33 Chilean miners have been offered an exotic striptease too.


Adriana Barrientos, a reality show personality in Chile, offered to do a striptease for each of the 33 miners, to help them recover.

Added to that, Leonardo Farkas, a Chilean businessman, has already written checks of five million pesos, or about 10,460 dollars, to each of the 33 men. Farkas, an eccentric mining entrepreneur known across the country for his philanthropy and long blond hair, went ahead with the donations as a way of helping the men ease into their new lives.

The families of miners are overly exited and have been doing their bit by arranging small but emotional activities to welcome them.

Elizabeth Segovia, the sister of one of the miners, Darmo Segovia, arranged balloons next to the family’s five tents, which were decked out with flags and signs welcoming him to the camp. The families have invited him and the other 32 miners to a Mass at the mine on Sunday.

“We want to show him how we lived here, how we waited and prayed every minute of every day, supporting him and shouting for him every day. That’s why we are preparing something special for when they come,” said Elizabeth.

Family members said two European soccer teams, Manchester United and Real Madrid, had also invited them to visit their stadiums in Britain and Spain.

The Manchester United legend Bobby Charlton, the son of a miner, has sent a recorded message to the Chileans inviting them to Old Trafford, according to news reports, while the former Argentina coach Diego Maradona sent a message saying that the miners’ liberation after 69 days underground “was proof that miracles exist and you are one of them.”

Then there are other goodies, like the latest-generation iPod Touch models that Apple says it has sent to each miner. (ANI)

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