Halo: Reach Review: Combat Has Evolved

By Shaon, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halo:Reach in many ways follows an amusing pattern. Let me elaborate, it is very well documented in the history of games that swan songs more often than not are serves as the pinnacle of the series. Consider what God Of War 2 was for the PS2 before Kratos was sent to God Of War 3 on the PS3 or the recent conclusion of Solid Snake’s journey in Metal Gear Solid 4 (Metal Gear Rising follows Raiden). Both the games were swan songs in their way. Also another thing that was common was that both the titles were regarded as the best of their generation and the series. Halo:Reach is no different. It represents in many ways the pinnacle of refinement in an already exciting franchise. Read on to find if Bungie’s swan song to the Halo Universe hits bulls eye.


Halo as a franchise defined how an FPS should be played on the consoles. Halo has been the game to beat in the FPS genre for quite some time now. But that said The question still remains, whether the game would be deserving of all the accolades it is receiving if the term HALO was missing from the title? The major gripe with Halo: Reach is how its Single Player experience unfolds. The game makes a steady start as we assume the role of Noble 6 or just 6 in a race to save the planet Reach and Humanity but very little is done to create a sense of belonging to the character. The narrative direction of the story heads a bit aimlessly as we are left with the Hordes of Covenants to blow up. The battle in Halo:Reach is immaculate and as visceral as one would expect from Bungie. But the story could be branded as Generic Sci Fi at best. Another issue was that you would be required to pump a large amount of ammo in each enemy while that was not an issue with the earlier titles since ammo was plentiful but this time ammo is not to be found lying on the ground. Even after picking up the weapons the limited amount of ammo is never enough to fight thee brutes. Guns are a bit underpowered here you may be required to pump no less than half a dozen shotgun shells at close quarters to put them down. Make no mistake about it the enemies are merciless this time. Bungie decided them to use all the weapons and gadgets thus nearly making the head long rush obsolete. The vehicular sections especially the time spent with the Falcon is enjoyable and so is the Sabre combat level.

Now for the most important aspect of the Halo package. Yes! The Multiplayer in one word is awe inspiring. Matchmaking is near perfect and jumping into the combat is easy as 123. You get to see the people actively playing Halo:Reach from the main menu itself and it is easy enough to invite them to a party. You will also get accesses to daily ingame challenges by Bungie to help you rack up some credits.

Halo Reach is a riveting title once you look past the small niggles here and there. Bungie accomplishes what it set out to do with distinction. A platform for a new take on the franchise has been created as well as a solid multiplayer experience has been delivered as promise. For a thousand bad things one may want to say about the title there is no denying that once you get four of your pals on co-op, you are in for one hell of a time. The Halo:Reach ‘is’ the perfect ending for Bungie’s association with the franchise.

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