Harley Davidson Holds Out iPhone

By Avik, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Well, this is something you know better, c’mon there are a million iPhone and iPod docks for the car, well-customized just the way you want them to be, create the right vibes for you. But, think again, what about motorcyclists, do they have an equal justified solution for their iPhones? Guess, no! When it comes to Harley Davidson motorcyclists, they have their own statement? And that I am sure has suggested the company to re-design the bike and set forth a dock for the iPhones.


Now, make your entry into the Dashlink Docking Console. What it actually is but a replacement of the fuel tank that comes in complete with the dock, line out audio, power and integrated volume control through the stock handlebars (select models only). What’s more it will take as nominal as 15 minutes of time for installation, which sounds a bit too good to be true.

Well, if you’re concerned about the fuel/power combination, let me tell you, what you can afford to do is take some comfort in knowing that they’ve designed it to include a smart charging system with self-sensing on/off circuit to detect when a device is present.

Now, here are the facts and figures, the tank/dock is meant to fit around seamlessly with Harley-Davidson 1996 and the newer FLHT/FLTR & FLHR models and they are expected to soon pop up a version for the Sportster, Softail & Dyna.

Dashlink Gas Tank will directly be taking orders commencing from January 15th, 2011, for $399.95, with shipping.

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