How harmful are the gadgets we use daily : A Study

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, July 15, 2009

brain-and-cellphoneYou’ve probably heard that listening to music at high volume levels from iPod can damage your hearing capability but have you cared how other gadgets are also causing damage to your overall health? Cellphones, microwave ovens and even the little Bluetooth device that you’ve attached to your ear causes radiation that might cause harm to your natural health. Do you feel scared? Don’t. Because we have done the research on the amount of harm that they make and here are some ways to minimize their ill-effects. Have a look.



Perhaps you know that Cellphones emit electromagnetic rays that can cause damage to your natural health. It might also be a cause of brain tumors but there is not enough data to prove the fact. However, our common sense suggests us that the less we use it the less is the probability that it can cause any significant damage. Here are some suggestions to minimize the effects. You can also see our tips for using mobile phones for more information.
1. Try to use the corded landphone while calling from home.
2. Try to keep the phone at a distance from the body. The amount of radiation drops radically as the distance of the phone from the body is increased.
3. Limit the the time you use your cellphone for calling.
4. Avoid using the cellphone when the signal is weak or while moving at high speeds. It causes the phone to operate in a high power mode and you are exposed to higher radiation levels.
5. Choose a device with lowest SAR possible. SAR means Specific Absorption rate which is a measure of the strength of the magnetic field absorbed by the body.

Microwave Ovens

The microwave ovens heat the foods by causing some kind of friction in the molecules. This may break the molecules and may cause some carcinogens. Apart from that, it also heats the food to a high temperature in which the food nutrients get lost. There is also a possibility of radiation leakage from the ovens which may cause damage to the person who is around it at time of its operation. To minimize the risks :
1. Try to minimize its use. Use normal oven for cooking whenever possible.
2. Always use normal ovens when cooking vegetables.
3. Get yourself an advanced model of oven if you are using one of the old models. The old models are more prone to leakages that the new models.

Bluetooth Headsets

The Bluetooth headsets also communicate with other devices using radio waves. Though the power of those devices are 100 times less than those of using cellphones but still they aren’t the zero emitters of radiation. Try to minimize its use and try to be happy with the old corded phone - that’s the best way to get rid of the radiation hazards.


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